How to Prioritize Pt. 1

Apr 11, 2018

“Get your priorities straight!”

It is likely we have all have heard it or said it ourselves before, but this REAL LIFE ADVICE is the kind we all need to be getting behind. Figuring out your priorities when life is happening so quickly, however can be tough. So just taking some time to do a quick assessment of what is important to you right now can be extremely valuable. Not only can doing the following exercise get you reorganized and refocused on your priorities, but it can also provide you with some clarity and accountability in how you navigate your life on a daily basis. All you will need now is a pen and some paper.



Draw a big triangle or pyramid on your piece of paper and divide it into five sections from top to bottom.Now in your foundation (bottom ⅕ ) of your triangle, divide it into eighths and write these eight general categories. Just write the bolded word(s). The remaining words are simply there to help you better understand this category.

  • Work - career
  • Money - finances, income, investments, retirement,etc.
  • Living Environment - your setting, your home, office, car, etc.
  • Personal Growth - what you do to learn and improve yourself
  • Community - friends, community, involvement, social life, etc.
  • Family - marriage, single, children, pets, etc.
  • Health & Recreation - everything you do to take care of yourself
  • Faith - religion, spirituality, beliefs and values.

Now circle your top five to six and label 1-⅚ in no particular order. These are the ones that are most important to your right now in your life. Don’t question it or judge it. Just circle!


Now in the block above your foundation break (block four from the top) this into fifths or sixths dependent on how many you categories you circles below.Write in the specific personal description of each category below in each block you have divided here. Do not worry about what order you do this in. For example, If you chose…

  • Work - write your exact career as a banker, teacher, builder, doctor, life coach….whatever it is you do
  • Money - write your finances(can include anything from debt to bills to savings and so on), income (45k a year), investments, retirement(401k or IRA), etc.
  • Living Environment - write your setting(rent, own, etc.), your home(apartment, house, townhouse, etc.), office, car (2012 Toyota Rav 4), etc.
  • Personal Growth - write what you do to learn and improve yourself such as maybe you are learning a new language or working self care through meditation, etc.
  • Community - write down the specific names of your friends, community, involvement, social networks, etc.
  • Family - write down the names of your spouse, roommate, pets, children, parents, etc.
  • Health & Recreation - write down everything you do to take care of yourself, whether that is that you see your doctor, take meds, exercise, eat well, read a book, etc.
  • Faith - write down your specific religion, spirituality, beliefs and values, etc.

Now keep narrowing in. Circle or highlight the top three to four that has been resonating the most with you the past few months. Just go with your gut.

Next week, we'll look at three more action steps to help you prioritize your life in a healthy way!

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