How to Prioritize Pt. 2

Apr 18, 2018

“Get your priorities straight!”

It is likely we have all have heard it or said it ourselves before, but this REAL LIFE ADVICE is the kind we all need to be getting behind. Figuring out your priorities when life is happening so quickly, however can be tough. So just taking some time to do a quick assessment of what is important to you right now can be extremely valuable. Not only can doing the following exercise get you reorganized and refocused on your priorities, but it can also provide you with some clarity and accountability in how you navigate your life on a daily basis. All you will need now is a pen and some paper.Last week, we looked at part one of this two part series. You can catch up here.


- Break the next block (block three from the top) into thirds or fourths dependent on how many you highlighted below. - In these blocks, briefly describe why this particular category is important to you right now in your life, i.e.what led you to choose this topic? For example, if you chose faith because you desire to have more of a spiritual walk with God or to read more about other religions. Perhaps you chose family because you want to spend more quality time with your spouse or children. Say you chose career because you are ready to apply for an advancement or change career paths. Whatever your reason for each category you selected, just write that down without overthinking it too much.- Now, write down a number on a scale of 1-10 of how satisfied are you in this area in your life presently. One being totally and utterly dissatisfied, ten being totally and utterly satisfied and five being neutral or ambivalent.- Circle or highlight the top two you have been putting energy into the past few weeks.


- Divide your next block (block four) into halves. Write what needs to change for each of these in their perspective blocks. For example going back to spiritual walk may mean you need to read, meditate or journal more. Perhaps you desire more family time which means you may need to plan family outings or choose two days a week for family dinner. This is where you write what actions, behaviors and support will help you close in on the gap you have.- Now just like you just did in step 3 use a scale of 1-10 how to rate how ready are you to make changes in these areas. One being you are not ready at all, ten being you are so ready and are already making changes and five being ambivalent.


- Now choose the category with the top rated number and put it in your last block at the very top of your pyramid or triangle. This is is a great place to start in your life because it is truly where your energy is going. If you have two at the same number choose the one that you feel like you would work on TODAY! - If your number is 6 or below in these top two categories and you are still wanting to choose it or perhaps you are questioning it a bit, then this time may be an excellent opportunity to work with one of our on-staff Health Advisors. A health Advisor is trained to ask you the right questions at the right time in order to help you dig deeper and narrow in on what is most important to you right now. Email our concierge team to set up an appointment today at HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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