How to Stay Open-Minded

Feb 11, 2020
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The importance of remaining open-minded is exponentially one of the most effective habits of being a human being. To remain open conjures the ability to habitually choose to hold the door open in mind, body, and soul. To hold a door open doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will enter and pass through. Conversely, to leave it completely closed allows nothing, good or bad, to enter.Despite the benefits of being open-minded, it can be difficult to not shut the door. Most of us are raised with beliefs, values, and ideals that often mold our perspectives and thought patterns. If you don’t think you have been molded in some form or fashion, answer me this:

Who are your closest friends? What do they believe? What do they think? How do they live?

Your personal perspective of what you view as acceptable and worthy acts much like a magnet to those of whom have similar beliefs and thoughts. But imagine that one person you have met that thinks and believes adverse to your own self. How did that feel? Was it challenging or uneasy? Was it eye-opening and easy to digest? That is the simplest example describing the difference of being open versus close-minded. Again, to see others’ perspectives and beliefs doesn’t mean that you necessarily alter your views, it simply means that you are open.Here’s what else being open-minded can mean for your personal growth.

Deepened self-evolution.

Judgment is the first sign of a closed mind. When you notice yourself judging yourself or others, this is a reminder to stay open. Remaining open will allow you to go within to better understand your psyche and resolve any issues stemming from a closed stance of acceptance.

Broadened cultural connections

Experiencing the world through others’ points of view and various cultural beliefs can open insurmountable opportunities for variable connections with others. Utilizing observational skills and curiosity about those with different belief systems can be one of the best learning experiences in life.

Advanced personal relationships

Have you ever gotten upset with a close friend or partner? How did you respond? Reaction, whether it is fire or ice, can, unfortunately, lead to greater conflict. Rather, an open mind (and heart) can in fact lead to advanced communication, listening, and resolution.

Advanced teaching ability

Learning is the first step to teaching. The more experiences life offers that you allow yourself to remain open to will inevitably lead to significant learning experiences. The more you learn, the more you have to teach.

Renewed perspective

The more you allow yourself to be open to learning, the broader and fresher your personal perspectives become. You may notice yourself being more likely to branch out of your normal, closed parameters.Stay open!Click here to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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