How's Your YOU Year Going?

Jan 26, 2022

As we near the end of January, I want to regain the excitement of just a few weeks back and remind you...this is your year! What will you do with it? You have the same amount of time as anyone else in the world. The only difference is what you will do with your days and your hours. After all, they are yours to use any way that you want to! Isn’t that awesome? It’s called FREEDOM, and our freedoms are precious to us. How will you use your free will today?  

Our choices matter; they affect our physical, mental, and emotional strength. At the end of the year, our choices will add up to find us living strong, healthy and smart or weak, sick and dumb. How we think; how we live; how we move; how we build up or tear down our happy healthy dreams; it all adds up.

Anyone can make New Year’s resolutions (although fewer Americans are), but it takes a well-devised plan to stick to them once the excitement of the list-making and proclamation-making has worn off. But this year is different! This year is your YOU Year! 

1 month into 2022, let’s start with a bit of a coaching session, like the one I had with myself earlier in January.  I ask that you consider these questions and even pause long enough to answer them. Deal?

1. If YOU had to sum up last year in one word, what would that word be? 

2. Where did YOU make some traction in your goals for your healthier life that you would like to continue working on in this YOU Year?

2. What have you learned about YOURSELF already this year? 

3. What have YOU achieved or made progress on already this year that you can celebrate? 

4. In what circumstance have YOU really shined in a way that made YOU most proud of YOURSELF?

6. Who can help YOU with this? If this is a DIY project, how do YOU plan to move on it?

7. What are YOU willing to “let go” of that is not, or has not served YOU well in the past?

8. How/where do you see peace showing up in your life in the YOU year?

Your YOU Year words of encouragement

Asking yourself these powerful questions is only the first step to your happier, healthier year. Carve out some FREE time daily (i.e. turn off your phone), sit up straight, stretch, get some fresh air, read a chapter in a good book, take a break, restart or start a hobby, help someone in need, make a healthy homemade meal and reach out to your Health Advisor. 

What are your goals for and what are your plans to achieve them? How can I help?  I would love to hear from you!

Make 2022 a Happy YOU Year!

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– Stephanie Wolfe, NBC-HWC

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