I Have Needs, But I'm Not Needy

Sep 23, 2020

When we hear that someone has needs, we often think that this person is needy in the sense of being high maintenance or demanding. However, as a Certified Health and Wellness coach, it is my general belief that we all have basic human needs that need to be met in order for our health to be at its optimal. Unfortunately, external and internal influences often interfere and limit our ability to know those needs, much more, how to meet them.

One way to begin to know that you too have needs that may or may not be getting met, is to take a minute to reflect on the following questions:

Have you ever said…(or something similar)

“I don’t feel connected, supported, nurtured, appreciated, understood….?
“I do not have peace, inspiration, order, joy….?
“I am  not clear, aware, free, stimulated, independent….?
“I need to have food, water, shelter, honesty…?

By use of a coaching psychology tool called Non Violent Communication, I help my clients uncover personal needs and overtime discover ways to meet those needs to optimize his or her health.

First, using the list of Universal Basic Needs below, circle any and all that standout to you as important to your ability to be the best verisimilitude of you. Second, highlight 3-8 circled needs that are ESSENTIAL (non negotiable) for your optimal self. 

Lastly, make a list of your highlighted needs and beside each one write at least three ways that YOU can meet this need regularly (preferably, daily or at least weekly). For example:


  • Go to an art class
  • Create a fun, interactive handout for my work patrons or clients
  • Finishing building the bench I started months ago.


  • Journal before bed for at least five minutes
  • Attend a meditation class on Fridays after work. 
  • Sit in silence in my car by myself before work for ten minutes-Just breathe!

Once you gain the understanding of what your personal needs are, you can better meet them so that you are showing up in your life as the very best version of self as possible!

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