If Your Body Could Talk

Apr 25, 2022

Warning, I’m about to get all up in your business.

If your body could talk to you, what would it say? “Well done!” “Good job!” “Nice work!” “We are really making progress on our goals for living well!” Is that what it would say? Or would your body say, “Hey! Whose side are you on!” “What are you thinking!?” “I thought we both want to live well!”

Well, I can’t answer that for you, but I can tell you that your body does talk! And in this way, you may want to listen to it! Your body communicates all the time, in fact, through numbers, mostly. Waist circumference, hip-to-waist ratio, smart scale, blood work numbers of sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. It speaks through digestive issues, heartburn, acid reflux, etc. “Doc, when I eat spicy food, I get this pain right after.” "Really? Well then maybe your body is telling you it doesn’t like spicy food."

Our body speak volumes, but are we really paying attention to what it is saying? We listen to our friends, our mates, our bosses, our neighbors, and our favorite celebrities. We watch the clock, obey our thoughts, and submit to peer pressure, but we ignore our body and its cries for help ... often until the aches, pains, upsets, and illnesses are screaming at us to stop and think about what we are doing. Our body may be trying to tell us something important, but we often just ignore it and hope it will go away. Or we are so busy that we make it take a back seat as we push through, press on, or simply “treat” the “symptoms” with some over-the-counter remedy so we can keep up the pace, often completely disregarding the voice of our body and the message it is trying to convey! That is, until it is yelling at us, or giving up in surrender. You know what I’m talking about. Okay, now I’ll be nice.

If your body could talk, it would say...

Let’s shut off the devices and get a good night's sleep.

Everything feels better when you're well rested, and your body will perform better — it likes that a lot. When you sleep, your body goes into intensive repair mode, so you'll be ready to function at your best the next day. But if you're not getting enough sleep, your body doesn't have time to make all the repairs, which makes it more likely you'll feel pain or discomfort. Research even suggests that a lack of sleep could contribute to more pain, brain fog, depression, and less energy during the day.

Take a moment, take a breath.

You'll take in more oxygen with deep breathing (belly breathing) than if you take shallower breaths from your upper chest. And with more oxygen in circulation, your muscles won't fatigue as fast. To learn belly breathing, lie faceup with one hand on your navel. As you inhale, expand your belly, pulling more air down into the lower part of the lungs. Your hand should rise as your belly expands. As you exhale, contract your belly and push the air out so your hand falls. Practice this (lying down or sitting) two or three times a day, taking at least 10 breaths each time. We are usually shallow breathing, and therefore increasing stress. Your body will tell you that you are stressed if you are wearing your shoulders for earrings! Drop them and shake off the stress, then try the 1 minute of breath work.

Slow down.

Set your pace. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can do more with less if you know what to do more and what to do less! You are replaceable at work; you are not replaceable at home. Prioritize and enjoy both work and life – you will know if you are doing this, because you will not feel guilty at home. Your body will feel satisfied at both home and work. Ask your body to remind you of this simple test.

Get a little rhythm.

Your body loves music, and music has been shown to inspire both exercise and activity! Remember the theme song from Rocky? Or Chariots of Fire? (Maybe you are too young for that, but how about Happy by Pharrell Williams? Any upbeat tune can add energy to your steps and keep you motivated. Start with songs that have a slower beat to warm up, then choose higher-energy ones for the middle of your workout, and finish with a slower, relaxing tune. Just remember to keep the volume low and (if you're outside) use only one earbud, to stay alert to your surroundings. Music can also bring calm and peace to a stressful moment, bring people together, and enhance a joyful attitude. Your body will tap a foot, clap a hand, or dance if you just give it a chance.

Eat your vegetables.

Yes, there it is. I said it, your mom said, it and your body says it. Listen to one of us! Nutrition is fuel for the health of every body system that we depend on. We are what we eat. Foods that are grown on real farms with real farmers create colorful produce full of healthy fuel for our body and mind. The chemicals, colors, and preservatives are the manufacturer’s bottom line, but our bodies cannot handle the toxic load of non-food often found in boxes, bags, cans, and jars. It may not be what you are eating that is bad, but what you are not eating that is good! Choose immune-boosting, metabolism-correcting, energy-enhancing, health-promoting real, colorful, grown, whole foods. Phytonutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and naturally-occurring vitamins.

Drink your water.

  • More water = more weight loss and more flushing of fat cells. Even MILD dehydration will slow down metabolism by 3%. 
  • More water = more flexible muscles, less sprains, strains, and leg cramps. 
  • More water = better digestion and helps fiber move through the colon. More water, more bowel cleansing, less constipation. 
  • More water = more kidney health and the removal of chemicals from your blood equating to less kidney stones, a healthier bladder, and less UTIs.
  • More water = more protection against colds. Water thins mucus membranes, loosens lung secretion, and opens breathing passages.
  • More water = more regulation of body temperature.
  • More water = more skin health, anti-aging protection, and wound healing.
  • More water = more and better circulation.
  • More water = more brain health, clarity, focus. It reduces anxiety, stress, and even depression. According to studies conducted by University of Connecticut and Tufts University researchers, a water loss of just one or 2% made test subjects more tense and anxious.
  • More water = more energy and better physical performance, and reduces daytime fatigue and headaches.

Make and keep appointments with your Health Advisor.

Yes, that’s what your body is saying today. The partnership I have experienced with my participants over the nearly 3 years that I have been with Wellview has been a partnership that builds trust, confidence, and testimonials that lead to your body saying, “Well done!”  “Good job!”  “Nice work!” “We are really making progress on our goals for living well!”  And I know that is what you would want to hear from your body ... if it could talk.

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– Stephanie Wolfe, NBC-HWC

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