What's Your Intuitive Style?

Jan 12, 2022

Intuition is oftentimes overlooked in a science-backed, need-to-know-the-logical-process-and-data kind of world. However, it's a normal part of being human. In fact, as the world opens up about our mental health, we are beginning to hear about it more and more. Sometimes it’s called being empathic, and other times, it’s just those "gut feelings".

Whatever you call it, intuition is simply the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. (Oxford dictionary)

Interestingly though, the way you receive intuitive data is unique to you. Some people hear it, some can taste/smell it, others feel it, see it, or just know it. Here are a few examples:


You hear a voice that tells you to turn right instead of left on the road. You logically know this voice is not someone talking to you though. 


You smell homemade biscuits while driving home from work. When you enter your home, your spouse is cooking up breakfast for dinner which includes homemade biscuits like you mom used to make. 


You have an unsettling feeling in your stomach and randomly think of a friend. You get a call later, only to find out your friend has the stomach bug that’s been going around. 


You see a big white fluffy dog but know it’s not real life. A week later a big white dog appears at your front door. 


You know your colleague that never calls out of work is not going to be at work today. When you arrive at work, you learn that your colleague is in fact off because of car trouble. 

These intuitive data examples are just that, examples. Your intuitive data may be similar or totally different in the way you receive your download. Moreover, you may feel like you just don’t get those strong gut feelings like others do, or that you find that you are more intuitive during certain times of the day or chapters in your life. Either way, here’s a simple hack that you can use in order to determine your intuitive style (which by the way, usually just means the way you receive information most strongly).

The "What’s My Intuitive Style" Tally

On a piece of paper write the following:

  • I know
  • I see
  • I feel
  • I hear
  • I taste/smell

Every time you think or say organically one of the above, simply mark a tally beside it. Do this for about a week. You may notice a distinguishable difference in as a little as one day though. Remember, focusing too hard on what you say can lead to saying things that you wouldn’t organically or normally say. So just be an observer of your words and thoughts. 

Whichever you have the highest tally of is your preferred intuitive style. If you have the same amount in more than one category, that just means that you are equally strong in both.

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– Casey Edmonds, CHWC, CPT, CMS

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