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Jan 13, 2020
Healthy Eating
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Tracking your normal dietary habits in a journal can be the difference in failing or successfully meeting your health goals.

Whether you are old fashioned and prefer a paperback journal or on-the-go and in need of a quick, easy app, there are so many tracking options available. That's why I compiled a list of my top three options that have helped my clients stay focused, understand their diet and achieve their personal wellbeing goals.


Under Armour Myfitnesspal

Whether you prefer using your phone, tablet or PC, Myfitnesspal is well known for its ease of use for busy bees who wish to track without the headache. You can store meals and recipes, smart-scan barcodes and use the tracker’s database of over 11 million foods for quick food tracking. You can also get advice, support and track other lifestyle habits that impact your personal wellbeing goals. The myfitnesspal app offers an easy-to-use comprehensive approach for dietary and lifestyle journaling



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Life and Apples Wellness Planner

This tangible journal is my personal favorite. The journal provides ample writing space focused on starting your day with gratitude and affirmation, planning and tracking daily meals and exercise, motivation through an inspirational quote and a general overview of your day. The Life and Apples Wellness Planner offers a total mind, body and soul approach to healthy eating and wellness that just feels right.





Smart Fitness Tracker Watch (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, etc.)

Once you download the Smart watch app to your device and throw on your watch, you are ready to start journaling your journey. The apps often automatically track your activity, steps, heart rate, calories burned and elevation gain, and even enable you space to log meals, hydration, weight and more. Additionally, the ops offer challenges and support groups to keep you motivated. Many of my clients report that without their smart watch, they would have lacked accountability and focus to achieve their diet and fitness goals.



So no matter your personality, there is a diet journal (tracker) out there that suits your needs.

We at Wellview love to her about your journey. Let us know what diet trackers and journals that you love and how they have help you.



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