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Jan 1, 2020
New Year Jumpstart|jumpstart-your-new-year

How to jumpstart your new year workout: from a Health Coach

Predictably, many are contemplating jumpstarting a workout routine after the crazy holiday season beginning in 2020. But why should you be among the 80% to release yourself of your resolution prematurely? GOOD NEWS! You don’t have to be, and here is some advice I have for you.

Get Some Sleep

The Holidays are a time of staying up late with family and friends, which we love! But, it's time to get back on a good sleep schedule as avoiding getting a good night’s rest could actually encourage unhealthy habits of overconsumption which probably presents itself as overeating. As you can imagine, overeating only leads to greater work required to burn those pesky calories when you make your workout happen. So instead, get your rest and wake up without regret and well rested in the new year.

Start a Healthy, Active New Years Tradition

For me, waking up early in the new year to a hike and meditation is without a doubt the best way I can begin 2020. For you, it may be a walk with a friend, a community race or even a round of hide and seek with kiddos. Traditions are nice to have because they make you feel good. Why not make it REALLY make you feel good?

Set A Fitness Goal, But Don’t Stop There

So you started your year out with an active tradition, now it’s time to keep going with the momentum. Setting goals can actually be easy and fairly straightforward. However, goals are often based on ideal scenarios and one thing I always say is that there are two guarantees with personal goals: there will be obstacles, and there will be failures. So who (or what or where) will be with you throughout the process to hold you accountable and support you when these guarantees arise? Arm yourself with these people, places and things.

Make a plan A, B and C

As you already know, life poses obstacles that will interrupt your goals. So sit with your goals long enough to prepare several strategies and backup plans that will enable you to achieve them. After all, you do not want to be among those who hit the new year strong and fall off the wagon within a month or two, do you?

Switch It Up When You Are No Longer Having Fun

Routines are great and often necessary for sustained fitness and health. However, stagnation in a routine can become monotonous and boring. So when you notice yourself falling out of routine, try something new and fun. Maybe a new fitness class, walking with a friend or rollerblading like a kid again. Happy New Year!Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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