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Dec 18, 2019
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The Real Message Behind "Just Breathe"

As a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, it's vital that I have the same experience as those that I coach. So...I hired my own coach! Not only does this personal experience serve to expand my understanding of the coaching skill set, but it also allows me the ability to notice the value and importance of the space coaching holds from a client perspective.

One day, I am on the call with my coach on the other end, and she asks, “So how are things?” Oh boy! What a simple yet loaded question. I proceeded to unleash my words from my tongue as if it were a cheetah after its prey. Blah. Blah. BLAH!!And after SEVEN straight minutes of non-stop talking, I ended with, “ OH MY GOSH, I am so out of breath.” As if she knew I needed her astute, motherly guidance, my coach said, “ Okay, so maybe you should take a breath?”I laughed and responded with the biggest inhale and exhale I had taken all day. She was right, and it felt SO GOOD! 

I look back now and think to myself, “Wow! My thoughts and feelings were such a bottled-up mess that they were filling me up. I mean totally consuming me, so much so that it felt impossible to do the one thing we all need to do to stay alive: just breathe.”

Seriously! Think about it.

Life without breath is not living.

I was so caught up in thought and emotion that I had not even given myself a second to breathe. As we all know, acknowledgement is the first step towards a much-needed solution, and I had not stopped long enough to even acknowledge the thoughts and emotions that were present. I just kept going through the motions. I was going places, but getting absolutely nowhere. Therefore, I learned that had my coach not been holding space for me that day, and thus, my thoughts and feelings, I would not have returned to life!And so, if you take nothing else from this lesson, please take this….

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