Keeping Normalcy in Uncertain Times

Mar 25, 2020

As a whole, the world sits in the Pandemic of the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Abnormal circumstances quickly become our reality, creating great fear, stress, and panic of what may lie ahead. As a result, we have seen trends of hoarding goods like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and even food. Children are out of school. Daycares are closed. Businesses are seeking more remote options. Stores shut down or have limited hours. Public events are no longer being hosted. Healthcare providers, delivery workers, and truck drivers are stretched to exhaustion. Individuals and families alike are forced into quarantine, and social distancing has become a necessity when around others. These are most certainly uncertain times.The unifier of this shared experience, however, is that we are all in the same uncertain boat waiting to row. Distance, duration, and direction are unknown, yet we are together in similar circumstances. Universally, the craving for “normal” daily life is greater than ever. On a positive note, there can, in fact, be normalcy even during these times. Here are four quick tips to regain a bit of normalcy during uncertain times….

Let go control.

You cannot control what you cannot predict. We are most certainly living in unpredictable times. Even in “normal” life, situations and circumstances can be manipulated by internal and external factors that often affect the outcomes we can predict. Take time to accept that you cannot control the pandemic and its symptoms and side effects that we all face. The good news is that you do have control over aspects of your life including things like quality time with loved ones, responsible consumption of goods, creative self-care solutions and daily routine habits.

Keep a routine.

Speaking of routine, yours, like many others may have been disrupted by the current crisis. Consider, however, the opportunity to create one that reflects your new norm. Routines are especially important with children out of school and daycare, people working from home, and the unknowns we presently face. Think of what your regular routine looks like. How can you keep the same routine with the changes in your life at present?

Limit news info.

COVID-19 is consuming our daily news feed on social media, tv, internet...everywhere! It is critical to the health and well-being of you and your loved ones that you stay informed, but the boundaries that you may have once been able to filter have, at best, been smeared. Choose appropriate organizations such as the CDC and WHO to stay up to date without being overwhelmed by inaccurate information.

Stay connected.

A big fear of quarantine and social distancing is the feelings associated with isolation, yet there is a basic human need to have regular socialization. The good news is between social media, video calling, texting, phone calls, and virtual meeting platforms, it is easier now more than ever to stay connected as a community, professionally and personally. So be sure you schedule time to reach out to a friend, family member, colleague or neighbor just say, “Hey. How are you doing?” We want you to know that we at Wellview Health are here for you. Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you.


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