Learning Styles and Health

Aug 29, 2018
learning styles and health|learning-styles

Learning Styles Can Help Your Healthful Habits

Exchanging an old unhealthy habit for its alternative can be difficult to put into action long term. However, an “old dog” can learn new tricks. All you need is this one tool in your tool belt.Knowing and understanding the learning style(s) that best suits you and your personality could be the one tool you will need when it comes to picking up your new healthy habit successfully. It may seem a bit elementary to take this approach to engaging in regular exercise or a well balanced meal plan, but some cognitive thesis may disagree. There is little evidence supporting learning styles and teaching preferences can provide improved learning. But, the literature does show that those who utilize their preferred learning style may have a more enjoyable experience taking in the new information and have more efficient recall later on.Furthermore, knowing and comprehending your ideal learning style can make narrowing in and learning unlimited information easier and more effective. And with so much information out there on nutrition and exercise, I would say it may be time to try it a new way...your way!

Your Preferred Learning Style

Physical (kinesthetic): You favor using your body, particularly your hands and sense of touch.HEALTH TIP: Try learning a new healthful habit with hands on experience. For example, commit to an exercise regimen to keep you physically moving or cook a nutritious meal from the internet.Logical (mathematical): You favor using logic and systematic reasoning.HEALTH TIP: Numbers are your friend, so set measurable goals like “I will meal prep on Sundays for four weekday lunches” or create graphs or charts to better understand your weight loss over time. Social (interpersonal): You favor learning with others in a group.HEALTH TIP: Try learning health giving behaviors by joining a group exercise class, go to a cooking class or create a walking club at work.Solitary (intrapersonal): You favor learning independently. HEALTH TIP: Sometimes it is easier to get things done when you do not have to worry about anyone else. Strap on your running shoes and go for a jog by yourself or log your food intake in an app on your phone.Visual (spatial): You favor using photos, images and spatial comprehension.HEALTH TIP: Take pictures of your weightloss journey, plan out your run on a map or use a cookbook that has images of the food prep and steps.Aural (auditory/musical): You favor using sounds and music.HEALTH TIP: Try picking out a beat and singing along lyrics appropriate to the new habit you want to pick up such as walking to burn calories. 🎶 “ 60 minutes of sitting and I will burn 100 calories, 60 minutes of walking and I will burn twice as muchhhhh.” You can also attend a nutrition seminar nearby.Verbal (linguistic): You favor using words in speech, writing or both.HEALTH TIP: Start by trying to write out your workout plan or read aloud your meal plan for the week.When it comes to learning new information about your health and putting into practice new habits, it can be extremely helpful to lean into your learning style in order to make it fun, engaging, and easy to pick up new, life-giving behaviors!Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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