Let Love Win

Jul 15, 2020

We live in a time that is challenging, yet full of opportunity. Negative media has invaded our everyday lives since the onset of COVID-19, and now the social, racial, and economical divides are more and more evident. It is critical and more timely than ever to shine a light on the love in the world that can have a positive impact on change in such uncertain times. Anger, fear, and worry are among a multitude of negative emotions that have been brought to the surface over the past few months. We cannot deny the human element of each and every one of us; at some point, we have individually felt some sort of similar (if not the same) negative emotion. What sets some apart from others, however, is the response to emotion, whether negative or positive.

Emotional regulation and coping skills are not always innately inherited. In fact, dealing with emotions is often a learned behavior taught by our role models early on in life. Understanding that, I ask that you reflect on your own role models in life: your parents, grandparents, guardians, and other adults who have had big influences. How have those around you taught you to deal with both positive and negative emotions? Would you like to improve how you respond to extreme circumstances? I now challenge you to think of someone that you have encountered that may have trouble coping or regulating emotions. How do you think his or her role model may have been for them? Does this person have the awareness and support to enable positive change to his or her coping skill set?

The idea that unhealthy emotional regulation can be role-modeled to us early on in life is by no means an excuse for poor behavior choices. Instead, it is a recognition for a need to improve and change our current coping skills when extreme negative emotions arise. By recognizing this need, you may notice greater compassion for others and a desire to add to your own emotional regulation toolbox. The objective is to fuel your own light so that you may be a lighthouse in the darkness for others.

So I ask you, what do you put out in your sphere of influence that can spread love during this time? Let’s begin together by putting out some positive vibes in the world via the LET LOVE WIN letter chain. Here’s how to do it! Choose three people that you may not normally associate with but would like to share a LET LOVE WIN letter with.Then write the following transcript:

This letter is one of many in the LET LOVE WIN chain. The intention of this chain is to be the change I wish to see in the world. As a result, I choose to spread positivity in this world starting with YOU.I love ____________________________ about you because____________________________.I love ____________________________ about you because____________________________.I love ____________________________ about you because____________________________.So thank you for being you! If you wish to choose to LET LOVE WIN too, please choose three people of your own that would benefit from a little positivity today and share this letter with them. In love, light and gratitude, YOUR SIGNATURE (feel free to sign with a nickname or anonymously)


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