Lifestyle Tips to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

Oct 2, 2019
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Breast cancer prevention is not a one step process.

In fact, you cannot reverse all risk factors, especially hereditary ones. However, research shows that by adopting a few healthy lifestyle habits, even individuals with high risk factors of developing breast cancer can reduce the risk and potentially avoid a future diagnosis. Here's where to begin!Maintain a regular exercise routine.A regular physical activity routine that includes moderate to intense exercise has been shown to decrease risk of breast cancer in both pre- and post-menopausal women.Read more here.Avoid smoking.According to, there is a link between smoking and an increased risk of breast cancer, especially in premenopausal women.Read more here. Need help kicking the habit? Speak with one our health advisors today!

Make healthy food choices.A Mediterranean diet mixed with extra virgin olive oil and nuts may reduce the risk of breast cancer. Though additional studies should be conducted on the impact diet has on breast cancer, these measures are certainly worth trying until research is more conclusive.Read more here.Limit or eliminate alcohol.Small amounts of alcohol can increase the risk, particularly in those already at high risk of breast cancer. For the best rule of thumb, avoid alcohol, and if you must partake, limit to one drink per day. Manage a healthy body weight.Those who are overweight or obese stand an increased risk of breast cancer, particularly those post-menopause. Keeping a healthy weight through regular exercise, sufficient sleep patterns, healthy eating and other controllable factors can certainly reduce your risk.Additional recommendations

  • Breast feed
  • Avoid radiation
  • Avoid environmental pollutants
  • Limit hormone therapy
*Adopted from webmd

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