Live on Purpose, Part 2

Sep 1, 2021

This is a two part series. If you missed Part 1, start here!

Q: How do I live a life on purpose?
A: Live On Purpose. 
Don’t just let life happen to you. Be a believer. Believe in yourself. Believe that you are unique. Believe in the process. Do life ... on purpose. Dream and Do!


I always dreamed of owning a horse. My dad promised me a horse all through my childhood and into my teens, but when I turned 40 years old, my husband made that dream a reality. The message on the cake said, “Sometimes dreams do come true.”  He bought me a beautiful palomino mare. My very own quarter horse. Hope and I rode the trails, jumped logs, dodged spider webs, and galloped the hills for years. I’ve been a believer ever since! Some dreams do come true!  So dream on!


Written down S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Relevant, Time-bound) goals create a real and visible target to shoot for. Taking aim is important in life, like it is in sports. Can you imagine Michael Jordan running back and forth on a basketball court that had no designated hoops for the teams, or baseball diamond with home plate?

My husband and I are huge football fans and we love to watch the games. I appreciate the rules of the game like when the officials measure the team’s yardage to see if they reached a first down, which is a series of downs where the team must achieve a 10-yard gain within 4 tries in order to keep possession of the ball. The scoreboard tells me the winner at the end of the 4th quarter. There must be a measurable goal or no one would want to participate in sports and it sure wouldn’t be much fun to watch!  

Without goals, there is no motivation; nothing to get you going or to keep you going; No reason to perform well. No reward. We all work better when we know the rules of the game and what is expected of us, and we feel fulfilled when we meet the expectation. (Think dopamine – read my article Happy Hormones)

It’s more fun, and more rewarding when you know the objective of the game – or the WHY behind the what, who, when, how.  If you know the WHY of the game, you have a much better chance of meeting the objective. Can you imagine asking someone to play football that has never played the game before, and not telling them how to play? They would never be able to win!  Likewise, if you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish, you will never accomplish it either. 

So, how do I do it?

Count the cost. Discipline, patience, perseverance, determination, vision, focus, and diligence? What is it going to take?  How much time?  How much effort?  

Celebrate the victories. Even the least competitive people love to win.  We work hard for diplomas, trophies, ribbons, Emmys, Oscars, and gold metals!  We all love to cross the finish line. 

Grow from the losses. Re-evaluation and e-assessment is healthy.  Dust yourself off and get back up and go!  A wise man falls seven times and gets up eight!  Like a GPS, if you make a wrong turn it re-calculates the route.  If necessary, go to plan B.

Express personal confidence.  Don’t confuse insecurity or low self esteem with humility. There are certain things that I’m very good at, and I’ll tell you what they are.  I can organize anything. I am a great cook. And, I am an award-winning wellness coach. I can tell you these things with confidence AND humility.

Live in balance. Keep the main thing the main thing. No one on their deathbed ever said I wish I’d spent more time at the office. Do not compromise your core values.

When is a good time to begin?

A Procrastinator says, “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow!” 

Later means never. Some day is no day. Remember: timing is everything. There’s no time like the present. For such a time as this, you were placed upon the earth. It’s now or never. This is the first day of the rest of your life. It’s go time!  Start today. Don’t waste time. You ain’t getting any younger!

Remember my childhood plan of arguing in court? Well, I didn’t become a lawyer, but I am still becoming ... so who knows?! 

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– Stephanie Wolfe, NBC-HWC

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