Living From a Space of "I AM"

Oct 28, 2020
I Am Statemen

Recently, I shared my "I Am" statement with my friends and family. Truth be told, I expected to see eyes roll in doubt and to get bombarded with a million questions to which I had to know the answer to right away. Though I could sense some resistance, (from some more than others), I realized my affirmation was powerful and my delivery allowed little leeway for discussion or need for explanation.

The reason that it is so powerful is that I have sat with it long enough to connect to it and believe in it myself. Every day I practice saying it to myself, usually multiple times a day, and over time my mindset has shifted to a space of knowing this statement represents me to my very core. This statement has allowed me to make power moves and decisions that truly align with my higher self and ultimately get me the results I have always desired.

Who wouldn’t want that, right?

I believe formulating and taking intentional action for your own I Am statement is something anyone can do. Here is how you can get started manifesting the life you are meant to live.

1. What is an I Am statement?

The I Am statement is a positive, daily affirmation aligned with your higher self and your highest good. All you have to do is fill in the blank: I AM _______________________.It can be simple like, “I am strong,” “ I am beautiful,” or “ I am patient.”It can be more detailed like, “I am a messenger of peace and love to all,” “I am an athlete who will give Rocky a run for his money,” or “I am a strong, independent person with a heart to give to the homeless.This statement, no matter how simple or detailed, is totally yours.

2. Why is an I Am statement so powerful?

This statement when positively affirmed with intent to act creates a mindset shift.Various studies have documented the cognitive and behavioral response behind positive affirmations. In a 2014 study published in Health Psychology, researchers discovered that “deploying self-affirmation inductions alongside persuasive health information has positive effects, promoting message acceptance, intentions to change, and subsequent behavior.”Religions, cultures, and other belief systems have supported the idea of positive affirmations for eons. The idea is to speak your reality into being. So conversely, if this statement were negative, for example, “ I am tired,” or “I am too busy to hang out with my family every day,” this too is your intended reality. The space from which you speak is the same space you live from-positive or negative.

3. How do I make an I Am statement?

Well, it is as straightforward as writing a sentence starting with “I am.”The way I made my statement that may be helpful to you is by first sitting down with my goals. My goals are long term in the sense of two to three years, but yours may be shorter or longer than that. I then essentially married my goals with my intent to act in the here and now. That doesn’t mean that I all of a sudden reached my goals overnight. Rather, it means I have no doubt that daily I am taking steps toward an element of achieving this goal whether it be researching more information, learning about others' successes, or practicing it on my own.So if you seek to manifest an amazing fit body that can run miles without stopping, then imagine yourself living that lifestyle into reality.

  • I am a super-fit marathon runner.

Perhaps your biggest wish is to take to the open road in search of adventures on the weekend with your family, rather than wasting at home in front of the television. What does that look like? What does it feel like?

  • I am a weekend warrior, dad, and husband.

Maybe you have been struggling with self-care but can see yourself being a person who intentionally lives in a space of doing something daily for yourself.

  • I am a goddess of self-care of my mind, body, and soul!

Personally, my statement immediately makes me feel confident, purposeful, and intentional. It is a big statement that grabs attention and places the biggest smile on my face. That’s what I needed from it and you can get the same or your own powerful feelings from yours too.

Just start today with I AM…

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