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Jan 8, 2020
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With a new decade marked, your world and life may feel freshly inspired and energized. But is there really a difference in 2020, and the years that came before it?Well truthfully the answer is no, but...also yes. Much like 2019, 2018, 2017 and the years before, 2020 merely marks a count of another 365 days around the sun. However, a new year may offer some new opportunities that have not previously existed. There will also be new choices, or perhaps old ones, that call you to action or give you an answer through a new perspective of life lessons. The new year is truly an exciting time of year, but it is critical to harness your attention and focus on the things that really matter. So here is a quick list of the top 8 focuses worthy of your energy and time during 2020.

Self Care for Growth

You cannot pour from an empty cup. Self care is not selfish; in fact it is necessary. Find at least one thing this year that you can consistently commit to that feeds your soul. A few ideas: journal, hike, massage, read, learn to play an instrument, etc. There are endless options. Remember, change is inevitable,;growth is optional.

Consistent Exercise

Research has shown the positive impact that regular exercise has on physical and mental health. Exercise can support weight management, improve clinical numbers such as blood pressure, cholesterol and A1C. It also increases the levels of happy chemicals in the brain which combat mental illness such as depression, anxiety and even boosts self esteem and efficacy.

Healthy Nutritional Choices

Moderate portion sizes, nutrient-dense foods, a variety in micronutrients and an essential balance in macronutrients all play a role in how well your mind and body operate and feel. Working with a Registered Dietitian could provide you with the necessary knowledge and planning to jumpstart your new year-new you meal plan.

Quality time with loved ones

Imagine that you draw a small circle and label that “me”. You then draw a bigger circle around that and label it “close family and friends.” This circle is your inner circle. The names listed within this circle are those that deserves the most of your energy and time. This is your spouse or significant other, children, parents, grandchildren, closest friends or maybe even your siblings. You have limited time and energy. Be intentional with it.

Stress management

Stress is essentially guaranteed. Your response, however, is the thing that you have total control over. Learning tools and techniques that support stress recognition and management could be the first step to a better version of yourself. Some worthy considerations to manage stress are within this very list.

Spiritual walk

It doesn’t matter your faith or religious connections. What you believe and value, the way you live and your culture all play a huge role in who you at your very core. Remember that and stay connected to the piece of your life that reminds you of this part of yourself. Meditation, church and seminars are among the many ways to stay in touch with your spirituality this new year.

Financial planning

Finances play a vital role in our opportunities, experiences and sense of security. Planning can include budgeting, setting goals for savings/investments or even strategizing for potential spending ahead or paying off debt. Who wouldn’t want to have a financial plan?

Social impact

Remember those circles you drew earlier, let’s expand and draw another circle around the last and label it “other friends and family.” And another around that labeled “acquaintances.” These two circles consist of your extended family members, coworkers, other friends and even clients or total strangers. Your social impact speaks about your abilities to give to your community. Your social life is a key factor of the balanced being that you seek to be. When you have spare change, give it. Here’s to the best year yet!Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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