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Nov 15, 2017

Stop wasting time at work!

2 Easy Exercises to Rid of Ego thinking and make Work Drama Free

Adapted from Podcast: Tiny Leaps, Big Changes: Wellness, Inspiration, Self Help and Motivation for your Daily Life, Podcast 205: The Biggest Time Waster at Work (feat. Cy Wakeman)

Inevitably, the workplace is known to be a hub of drama that creates additional stress and anxiety in your daily life. However, there are ways to counteract these negative traits and it begins with no one else but YOU. Not your micromanaging boss, gossip queen co-worker or nagging and demanding client. The only person you can change in any given scenario is yourself. So what part of you can use some sprucing up? The ego mind is the center of most of your life’s drama. The ego is a false self that can negatively affect your mental processes on a regular basis. In order to overcome your ego you must learn how to clean up your thinking and mental processes thus staying in tune with your truest self.Here are two simple exercises to put into practice to eliminate the stress and anxiety that arises from workplace drama as taught by author and key-note speaker, Cy Wakeman.

make work drama free

1: Edit your story.

Example Scenario:Your boss emails you about the status of a project you have been working on. You let him/her know that you have not made much progress on it yet. She let’s you know that she wants you to make it priority. First thoughts might be…. “Oh my gosh, my boss is such a micro-manager.” “I can’t believe she thinks I have to answer to her. I am not a child!” “I am going to get fired.” “I hate this job.” “I have enough on my plate as it is. She is so demanding!”But PAUSE. This is your ego thinking for you and creating a story. Instead, flip the script here and edit your story.What do you know for sure (i.e. what is the reality, what really happened)? Your boss emailed to check in on a project.You have several projects you are working on that you must juggle. What can you do next that would add value? It is your boss’s job to email and check in with you on projects. Juggling projects is the nature of your position. After the email from your boss, you now know this project is the one to focus on right away. You just cleaned up your thinking and connected with your true self by rewriting your reality.

make work drama free

2: Give the benefit of the doubt.

Example Scenario: Your co-worker walks by you, without making eye contact or saying “hello.” Your first thoughts might be…”Gosh, my co-worker sure is rude now that he has gotten that promotion.” “I can’t believe she just walked by me without saying anything. What a snob!” “Wow. She must not like me at all.” “Something must be wrong with my co-worker because he normally says something when I see him.”You believe by not acknowledging you, your coworker is trying to convey a message to you. Thus, the next time you see this co-worker you treat him unkindly. But PAUSE. This is your ego making things personal and creating a story AGAIN. Instead, flip the script here and give your co-worker the benefit of the doubt.What do you know for sure? You crossed paths with your co-worker without saying “hi.”What can you do next that would add value? Maybe your coworker’s mind was somewhere else and he/she did not see you. It is nothing personal but rather a neutral scenario. You will not give it any negative energy, almost as if crossing paths did not even happen. You will treat him/her no differently because of it.You just took back the power from your Ego mind and gave your co-worker the benefit of the doubt.By simply trying these two exercises, you begin to let go of the work drama that inhibits your ability to tap into those pieces of yourself that most desire peace and happiness.——————————————————————————————————–We are also here to help! If you’re ready for support or want more information on ridding yourself of workplace drama, drop us an email or give us a call at 877-293-9355 ext. 0!


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