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Apr 10, 2019
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What if you could lose a few pesky pounds without a traditional workout regimen?

Hitting the gym or going for a jog can seem so daunting, but exercise for weight loss does not have to be confining. Instead, moving more often throughout the day can be the key to a successful ridding of those remaining unwanted pounds.

Research shows that 80% of Americans have adopted a job that requires light to no physical exertion. Due to this increase in a more sedentary lifestyle nearly 160 million Americans are considered obese or overweight.  With such a growing problem in society, Americans are now facing higher than ever risks of chronic disease states like heart disease, Type II Diabetes and Obesity. Moreover, sitting can increase increase risk of injury, decrease metabolism, weaken bones, and a whole host of secondary health related issues.


So how in the world do Americans overcome the epidemic of sitting all day in a workaholic driven society?

Science supports that an active lifestyle can support weight maintenance and weight loss. So if you are not your typical exciser or simply do not have the time, it is time to get creative!


Here are 10 ways to get moving more throughout the work day:


1 - Take the stairs over the elevator.

2 - Set an alarm every hour on the hour for five minutes of walking around the office or desk exercises.

3 - Walk to a coworkers office instead of emailing.

4 - Print to the office printer furthest from your desk.

5 - Find an accountability partner in a coworker and make plans to move more each day.

6 - Make it a challenge by seeing who in the office can get the most steps in each day.

7 - Download an app on your phone and select a quick workout you can do a few times a day.

8 - Park as far as you can from the office.

9 - Use your lunch break as an opportunity to do a quick workout or go for a walk.

10 - Use a refillable cup so that you have to walk to get a drink.



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