MyPlate, the Government Standard of Nutrition

Mar 27, 2019
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Do you remember being told to eat your food groups? Oh how times have changed!In 2011, The USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion replaced the well known food pyramid. Spearheaded by then First Lady, Michelle Obama, the new nutrition guideline was in an effort to combat the Obesity epidemic in America. The nearly 20 year old food pyramid’s attempt to encourage an optimal range of servings in each food group per individual daily intake was no longer effective. Noticing that the food pyramid had essentially reached its expiration date, nutrition officials were forced to make notes on societal shifts, new nutrition information as well public health concerns. And thus birthed the new nutrition guideline, MyPlate.

MyPlate divides up the five food groups on a plate urging appropriate portions, variety and a balanced whole food meal plan. Even better, you can access tips and tricks on making healthier food choices via their resource webpage. Still, even though we have helpful tools that tell us what to do, changing your habits for healthy eating for weight management or weight loss, health and general wellbeing can be difficult. So how about working with one our expert Registered Dietitians and certified Health Coaches to ensure your journey is what you desire it to be.

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