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Jun 14, 2019
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How does having a Wellness Leader at work actually change your health and wellness goals for the better?Along with his team of employees, Jackson McConnell, President and CEO of Pinnacle Bank and past Chairman of Georgia Bankers Association has been actively pursuing a culture of unity, connection, and wellness over the past several years. Pinnacle Bank has been a Wellview Health client for over 4 years and our team has had the opportunity to serve them and partner on a number of well-being campaigns. One way Pinnacle Bank has pursued a positive workplace has been through its initiatives like #Cultivate. The initiative included a charity bike ride of 257 miles over a four day period in May encouraging employees to participate by riding portions of the endurance ride, helping raise money for their local charity of choice, and bringing awareness to health and well-being. The initiative is among several that this team of visionaries have embarked upon to cultivate a positive work environment. Working in a place that encourages self-care and connection and provides true support is rarely heard of, and that is precisely why Pinnacle Bank has served as a great example of what our second family should look like. Here is WHY company culture is truly important to the individual.


Having support to meet personal and professional goals can be critical to one’s health and well-being. By doing little things like keeping healthy snacks in the break room, working together to ensure everyone gets a break, committing to turn some of your regular meetings into walking meetings, or encouraging one another toward a pivotal stepping stone can be a game changer for improved health and well-being.


Do you have a friend or coworker that is always checking in with you to see how your weight loss, fitness, stress, financial or dietary goals are going? Then, you have an accountability partner. Knowing that someone is going to ask you if you are doing what you said you wanted to do to accomplish your goals can certainly help you stay focused and on track.


There are days you simply wake up thinking that you'd do not have the energy to exercise or would rather stop by that fast food restaurant for breakfast today instead of preparing something at home. BUT, with such a supportive accountability partner at work you may now feel motivated to not let them down. So, if you promised to meet them before work for a jog or committed to lose weight with them, then you have a little motivation to achieve your goals.


A 2014 study reports that a workplace with an emotionally, socially, physically and psychologically supportive and safe environment allows individual wellness and health to truly thrive. Having such a supportive environment fosters positive relationships and workplace camaraderie for its employees. Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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