Post COVID Infection Lifestyle Tips to Stay Healthy and Feel Better

Sep 1, 2021

If you’re recovering from COVID, we are here to support you! These tips can ensure you are prioritizing a healthy lifestyle that can help you feel better. 

If you are living with long COVID you may have concerns such as lasting fatigue, depression, anxiety, or brain fog. Don’t forget your Wellview Care Team is here for you for more personalized support. We know COVID-19 has impacted people so differently, so let us create a personalized plan just for you. Connect with a Health Advisor or give us a call at (877) 2930-9355. 

Eat well.

Good nutrition keeps your mind and body running well and plays a crucial role in increasing or reducing stress at the cellular level. The foods you put into your body can work as a defense against illness and help your body work at its highest levels of performance. 

Be active daily.

Daily activity can reduce chances of getting a virus or a long-term illness. Exercise increases immunity and reduces your stress hormones. Exercise also strengthens muscles, including the heart and lungs which help fight illness. 

Drink water.

As you integrate back into normal life, drinking water helps rid the body of toxins, making sure body systems function properly and help prevent additional illness. Adequate water enables the brain to produce hormones like serotonin or melatonin for optimal emotional and sleep health.

Spend time in the sun.

Vitamin D which you get from exposure to natural sunlight is great for the immune system and can reduce the risk of illness and infections. 

Take care of your mental wellness.

Stress weakens the immune system and decreases the body’s ability to function. Taking care of your mental health reduces the risk of stress and depression and can increase motivation and energy. Placing as much priority on your mental wellbeing as your physical wellbeing helps you get back to normal.

Sleep well.

Both the length and quality of sleep have been shown to impact immune health. For adults, sleeping 7 to 9 hours a night is optimal. Infection-fighting antibodies are reduced when you don’t get enough sleep, making you more vulnerable to illness.

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