Reap the Rewards of Movement

Apr 20, 2022

Even with just minutes to spare during the day, getting more movement can be no sweat ... if you look in the right spots.

Movement is hidden throughout your day in easily-overlooked spots that you pass by every day. Between meetings, in the car, at the grocery store, and even when cleaning the house or brushing your teeth, there are opportunities to show your body some TLC with movement.

Have you looked around for what you might be missing? Check out these ideas for adding more activity into your day (and burning more calories in the process)!

When You’re At Home

  • Take a few extra minutes in the shower to stretch. The warm water helps to relax your muscles, and some neck rolls and shoulder shrugs can help you wake up.
  • Do squats or lunges while you brush your teeth. For an extra boost, try a different type of squat every 30 seconds!
  • March in place for 30 seconds while you let your coffee cool enough for that first sip.
  • If you have stairs, take them two at a time, holding on to the stair railing for balance. 
  • Resist the temptation to streamline your chores. Take extra trips with the laundry hamper or when carrying in groceries. 

When You’re Using Media

  • Treat yourself to your favorite podcast, television show, or social media platform for when you are on the treadmill or stationary bike. Or reward yourself with it whenever you’ve completed a workout.
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes when you open social media, and when the timer beeps, close it down and go for a walk.

When You’re Out and About

  • Walk where you can; park in the back of the lot and walk to individual stores rather than parking where you walk the least.
  • Zig-zag across the grocery store instead of taking a more direct route through the aisles. 
  • Contract and release your abs for 10 seconds, then your glutes, alternating for the duration of your drive.
  • Stand when riding the bus or subway. For bonus points, do calf raises while you’re standing!

When You’re at Work

  • Walk laps around your home office when taking phone calls, or at the very least, stand up. If you don’t have to be on camera for a meeting, take the opportunity to walk in place or stretch.
  • Host walking meetings in good weather, encouraging everyone to get fresh air while brainstorming or getting caught up on projects. 
  • Set a timer to stand up and stretch every 30 minutes. 
  • Reduce the size of your water bottle so you have to get up more frequently to fill it!
  • Take the stairs. A 2021 study found that after eight weeks, women who climbed stairs reduced their risk for heart disease as much as did those who exercised at the gym.
  • Try an under-desk elliptical. Believe it or not, you can get a good workout sitting at your desk! 

Look around. Ways to infuse your day with movement are all around you. When you see them, choose one or two that sound like the most fun. Start small and build on your progress. Then, don’t keep these hidden opportunities a secret. Spread the word!

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– Heather Fuselier, CHWC, CFP, TTS

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