Ring the Kettlebells

Sep 21, 2018
Fitness Friday


Some of the biggest obstacles for regular exercise include time management, lack of equipment or access to an appropriate facility, and uncertainty of how to train properly within a given time frame. So I am here to offer ONE of several easy solutions.

They call it the KETTLEBELL!

A kettlebell (KB) is a large ball-shaped weight with an attached handle typically made of cast iron or another heavy, dense material. Due to its singularity, the KB sets itself apart from other exercise equipment because it serves well for exercisers who travel or workout at home or even in office. This individual piece of workout equipment serves well for exercises that include arms, legs and core. Thus, making it a must have for those who struggle with the above obstacles.A few KB highlightsCost: Varies depending on weight and whether it is purchased in a set of more than one. A 15 lbs KB averages $15-20.Size: Typically ranges from 3 pounds and up which makes is perfect for any fitness level.Training Type(s): Can be used for cardiovascular, functional training, balance exercises and strength and conditioning, making the KB extremely versatile.

Here’s how you do it

First, determine how long you have to exercise today. IF you only have ten minutes to workout, that is totally fine because guess what? That is ten minutes that you can use to work toward strengthening and conditioning your mind and body! Based on the prescribed workout below, you should be able to complete 1 round in 10 minutes, 2 rounds in 20 minutes, 3 rounds in 30 minutes and so on until you have reached 60 minutes max. Second, set your timer on your watch or phone so that it begins when you begin your first exercise. You will want to perform an exercise for 45-50 seconds with 10-15 seconds rest in between before moving onto the next. Pace yourself and repeat until finished! Lastly, let’s get started with this total body KB workout!

  2. Woodchop Left Side CLICK HERE FOR DEMO
  3. Woodchop Right Side SEE ABOVE DEMO
  4. Squat to Press CLICK HERE FOR DEMO
  5. Sumo Deadlift to High Pull CLICK HERE FOR DEMO
  7. Bent Over Row Left Arm CLICK HERE FOR DEMO
  8. Bent Over Row Right Arm SEE ABOVE DEMO
  9. Lunge pass through right leg forward CLICK HERE for DEMO
  10. Lunge pass through left leg forward SEE ABOVE DEMO

REPEAT As Many Times as Possible! Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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