S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals Lead to Celebration

Aug 26, 2020
Wellbeing Wednesday
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You may recognize the S.M.A.R.T. acronym known around the world representing Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Relevant, and Time-bound goal setting. Some change the A and R for different words like Attainable or Realistic. I added the E and the R for myself years ago to stand for Excited and Rewarding, because I find that we do not stick with anything very long if it is boring and where there is no return for our efforts.

As far back as the late 19th century, it was determined that many people failed in their endeavors, not because they lacked intelligence or courage, but because they did not organize their energies around the objective.

At Wellview, we believe that Everything Starts with WHY. When I sit with a participant in a Healthy Living Consult, which is a very short, but extremely meaningful 10-12-minute intro and get-acquainted session, I ask two WHY questions. 1) Why did you say yes to the invitation to engage in the services we offer? 2) Why did you choose me as your Health Advisor? These 2 questions provide me with what it is that they want to accomplish, and why they feel I could help them to accomplish it.

What happens in our next session is a deeper dive into their WHY, as we discuss and create their Wellness Vision. Together, we look at what they want to see change, improve, or accomplish as a result of our partnership over the first 90 days. This written vision then opens the doors for our goal-setting session where we design the goals and action steps that will move them towards the life of their dreams.

Having a desire, a dream, or a wish for health and wellness is not uncommon, but as my sister used to tell me, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” (I’ll let that sink in a minute because it took me years to understand what she meant by that, but you are likely smarter than me.) The Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, Time-bound, Exciting, and Rewarding goals we set together, mean just as much to me as they do to those who allow me the privilege to partner with them on their wellness journey. I take it very seriously and feel a sense of paralleled success as we mark out the territory and take the journey together one action step at a time.

Since this proven combination of outlining goals is considered among the strongest pathways to success, we use it as a foundation for our partnership. Coaching, motivation, education, and support are interwoven throughout our sessions as we move intentionally closer to the vision.

As in any journey, we must first find the spot that declares, “You are here.” We will start from there to plan our route towards where we want to go. Every successful journey begins with a single step. After that, it's just putting one foot in front of the other until you reach your intended destination. Knowing where you are going will help you know when you arrive!I will offer helpful questions and suggestions for action steps to assist you in deciding where you want to go and plenty of options for how to get there. We organize your energies around the objective! This is how we turn dreams into goals, goals into action-steps, and action-steps into achievement.

Specific – clearly defined or identified.
Measurable – trackable, size, amount, how much, how many, by when.
Action-oriented – willing to take practical action, forward movement.
Relevant – closely connected, aligned with values, appropriate.
Time-Bound – linked to a timeframe between current reality and completion.
Exciting – Energized, Passionate, Enthusiastic, Positive, Motivating, Empowering, Life-giving!
Rewarding – Beneficial, Profitable, Valuable, Gratifying, Fulfilling, Fruitful, Satisfying!

Without a goal, we can spend our lives running up and down the field and never score. Setting SMARTER goals means you can clarify your ideas, focus your efforts around the objective, and use your time and resources productively. You will, therefore, increase your chances of achieving what you want in life and enjoy all of the excitement and rewards along the way!

Next, vision statements and goals should be reviewed and revisited, so get used to doing this, and make it a habit that you enjoy! It is an all-important step to achieving the desired results no matter what they may be, or what step you are on in the process.

- Why is this important to you?
- What are you going to do?
- How long will you do it? How much? How many? Where?
- How does this step align with your overall vision? How will it help meet the objective?
- Is it closely connected to what is being considered as to warrant the required effort?
- When will you begin? When do you intend to complete the action step? Does it fit the available time?
- When will you check your results of each task?

Every goal needs a target date so that you have a deadline to focus on, plan for, work out, and celebrate completion. Having a goal that is time-bound sends a message to your hard work saying, “We will get this done!” You know the old saying, “If you have all day to do something, it will take you all day to do it.”As a Health Advisor, I’m here to tell you that you do not lack intelligence or courage! You and I just need to work together to organize your energies around the objective. The excitement and reward will be followed by celebration!Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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