Sleep is a Superpower

Sep 16, 2021

Being well-rested is like having a personal superpower. I know I feel like a superhero in my own life when I get good sleep. Even a few days of quality sleep under my belt makes all the difference.  

When I get enough rest, I’m more focused and have more energy. And all those stressors? They seem to fade away the earlier I get myself to bed! That long-standing, late-night snacking habit? It took me most of my entire adult life to figure out that it was my pillow and not the pantry that was beckoning. Talk about a game-changer. 

When it comes to tending to our health and wellbeing, getting the sleep we need underpins all other efforts. Without it, we make room for the villain that is sleep deprivation to thrive and undermine our efforts. There’s no way I’m saying “yes” to any kind of exercise if I’m fantasizing about a nap as soon as my alarm goes off. I’m also much less likely to say “no” to all those tempting foods that seem to populate every nook and cranny of my existence when I’m tired.  

That villian convinces me, every time, that a snack is a great idea and the answer to battling mid-day fatigue. And while I may think I’m productive by working late at the expense of sleep, my ability to get twice as much done in half the time the next day after some quality snoozing tells a different story.  

Regardless of your goals and aspirations, sleep can only make it easier.  If you would like support in powering down so you can access your superpowers, reach out to the Wellview Concierge or schedule a session on your Wellview Portal and let’s talk sleep!

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– Jeanne Torre, MSW, LCSW, NBC-HWC

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