Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Jun 30, 2017
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Free and Inexpensive Family Activities

Cultivating Childhood Memories

Oh sweet season of summer! When I think of summer, I think of longer days, sunshine, cool breezes, green grass, blue skies and birds chirping. But perhaps more importantly, I think FAMILY.

I reflect fondly on the summer days I spent with my family growing up as child. I recall making trails with my brothers and sister in the woods behind our home, playing outside with the neighbor’s dogs, pretending to be a National Geographic Photographer with Mom’s exotic house plants, and competing with my cousins on who could climb a tree fastest.

Those memories are some of my very favorite that I will forever hold in my heart. In fact, many psychologists argue that the family unit, including experiences in your childhood, plays a vital role in behavioral, mental, and emotional health in adulthood. So it's important to cultivate these positive experiences through simple activities. Thus, the importance of cultivating these positive experiences.

So, here are some fun outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy!

1. Swim in a pool.
2. Hit the trail for a hike.
*Fun fact: Nature can decrease likelihood of ADHD and Depression in children.
3. Go to a ballgame.
4. Walk the neighborhood.
5. Watch the sunset.
6. Pack a Picnic.
7. Throw a Summer themed party.
*Encouraging your children to think of a summery theme can spark the imagination.
8. Visit a free local performance.
9. Shop the Farmer’s Market.
*Fun Fact: Children have different learning styles. Let them have hands on experience to learn what grows seasonally and locally.
10. Hangout on a public beach.
11. Attend a free festival.
12. Stop by the library.

13. Plant a small garden.
14. Sign up for a family race.
*Fun fact: Family sport can help your child develop good sportsmanship and a winning attitude.
15. Visit a local lake to swim or feed the ducks.
16. Volunteer in the community.
17. Schedule family game night.
18. Have a movie night.
19. Try overnight camping.
*Fun fact: Camping is one of the top activities to teach children survival techniques such as shelter, food, water and fire.
20. Host a neighborhood cookout.
21. See some fireworks.
22. Have a bonfire at night.
23. Stargaze through a telescope.
24. Play a game together outside.
*Fun fact: Adults who play report having decreased stress, increased energy and better relationships.
25. Create an outdoor art project - it's easier being messy outside!

What are you and your family up to this summer? Send us some pictures of your Summer memories at!

We are also here to help!
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– Casey Edmonds, CHC

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