Take a First-Step Approach

Feb 21, 2020

Taking the first step to a lifelong fitness routine sounds easy, and it can be, if approached correctly. As a certified personal trainer, it is always my personal objective to help my client find a fitness routine that he or she is willing to commit to for a lifetime.That doesn’t mean I am looking for a strict or super regimented routine, rather I am looking for the one thing that’ll help you get started time and time again. Two words come to mind.

Commitment and routine.

Commitment speaks from a place of desire, motivation, and willingness.Routine speaks from a place of time, regularity and discipline. If you start from ground zero a.k.a you do not have a current exercise regimen, the first thing we will work on together is a commitment and routine. This, of course, varies individually. It could be fifteen minutes a day for five days a week or an hour three days a week, depending on your ability and availability. Your choice of exercise can simply be anything you are willing to do. This could be walking, biking, dancing, yoga, strength training, boot camp; anything. Don’t worry, your goals of fat loss, muscle gain, toning, and so forth are not thrown out the window. We are simply not going to put the cart before the horse, so to speak.

Without a routine commitment, you risk facing the placebo affect of consistency.Without consistency, there are no (positive) results.Without results, there is no motivation.Without motivation, you are back on the couch.

Once you have mastered your routine and found your commitment, you are ready to add on and try some new things. The perk of this first-step approach is that as time passes and life happens, and you find yourself out of routine, you simply think back and return to your very first step-commitment and routine. Keep in mind that everyone’s pace, availability, and abilities are different, so go at your pace.Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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