Take a Staycation!

Jul 3, 2019

How a staycation can be exactly what you and your family needs!

A vacation is always a great way to press the recharge button or your mind, body and soul, but what about a staycation?A staycation is a vacation spent at home or in your town and involves day trips to nearby attractions or events.

Get reorganized.

Staying at home may not sound like fun per se, but it is the perfect opportunity to declutter and clean up your house. Research supports that a tidy home contributes to a life of healthy behaviors and lessened symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Renew your appreciation to your community.

Have you had a chance to checkout that new restaurant, attend a local ballgame, go for a hike or check out the flower shop around the corner? Become a tourist in your hometown to renew your appreciation of the immediate world around you.

Play catch up.

Let’s face it; life gets crazy sometimes and things that should be getting done are placed on the back burner. Taking time at home actually allows you a moment to catch up on your sidelined responsibilities. So make sure you schedule any missed doctors appointments, swing by the donation bin to give unwanted extras and follow up on any unattended bills.

Reconnect with friends and family.

As adulthood collides with life’s responsibilities, our friends and family may also fall by the wayside. Scheduling this time off at home can actually allow you the freedom to grab lunch with mom or dad, go for a walk with your friends or make a phone call to your son or daughter.

Reestablish your oasis.

Your home is meant to be a safe haven among the chaos of the world. While the kids still have their toys to play with, claim a space that is totally yours, and bask in the relaxation of your oasis with a bath, book or a little meditation. Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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