Take Care of Yourself This Mother's Day!

Apr 30, 2020

Calling all Moms! Take Care of Yourself this Mother’s Day!

Each May, we celebrate Mother’s Day, a day typically filled with gestures of appreciation from others: flowers, heartwarming cards, breakfast in bed, and gifts. Moms are told to “take the day off” while spouses and kids take over “duties.” Being a mom, however, doesn’t take a holiday! That’s because mothering is an action. As Dorothy Canfield Fisher explains, “It’s something you do. Not just who you are.” Mothers give; it’s just in our nature. So while our loved ones give back to us, let’s also give back to ourselves. Let’s turn this giving tendency inward. Show yourself the same love, commitment, and patience that you give your family. This Mother’s Day, I challenge you to mother yourself.

This Mother’s Day, give yourself:

Gratitude to reflect on all the memories you’ve created as a mom. Flip through baby books and pictures. Remember when you were pregnant. Write down 5 ways that being a mom has made you more grateful. How has motherhood given you a new perspective on life and on yourself? Show yourself some thanks for all that you’ve accomplished.

Permission to identify your own individual wants and needs. Take 10 minutes to review your current commitments and ask yourself what isn’t serving you. What can you let go or delegate to someone else? And what now can become a yes? Allow yourself to put yourself first.

Recognition of who you are outside of being a full-time mom. What are your hobbies and interests? What are the things you do just for you? Make a list of 5 upcoming activities or events that you can schedule just for you. They can be as simple as starting a new book, enrolling in an online watercolor class, or signing up for a local 5k race in late Fall. Nourish your unique, individual identity.  

Space. You spend a lot of your day sharing your mental and physical space with others. Find 30 minutes of alone time to meditate, garden, exercise, read, or take a warm bath. Soak in your surroundings and relish in the opportunity to just be by yourself. Stretch. Breathe. Feel yourself grounded and present in your body. On this day, give yourself the loving care you offer others.

These small acts of self-kindness will help you feel refreshed and renewed not only as a mother but as a woman.

Enjoy your day of self-care!

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– Julie Massey

Health Advisor

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