Tea Time = Me Time

Dec 15, 2021

Early in my journey as a mom, I remember laying down by myself at the dentist in the middle of the day to have my teeth cleaned and mentioning to the hygienist, also a mom of two young children, how this “felt like a vacation” (a sad but true new reality). She said something that has stuck with me 5.5 years and 3 kids later. “It is all about finding little moments of respite in your day.”

Whether you’re in the trenches of parenthood or not, we can all benefit from this mindset and outlook, especially this time of year when our schedules and plates are full. As we explore ways to reduce stress this month, I wanted to share a ritual that I’ve grown especially fond of in recent years: a cup of hot tea.

I generally reach for an afternoon cup of tea when I need that aforementioned coveted few minutes of respite. Beyond the obvious health benefits, a cup of hot tea symbolizes a moment of meditation for me. It is hard to rush through a cup of tea. It reminds me to be still and is an easy way to "fill my cup” when my energy wanes and there are a number of eventful hours ahead until bedtime.

Do you need some zen in your day? Do you find yourself reaching for food after dinner or when you’re not hungry? Why not try replacing mindless noshing and noise with the practice of sipping on a cup of hot tea. Who doesn’t have a few minutes to try this at some point when you need to unwind? I am partial to an herbal fruit variety mid-afternoon, but allow yourself whatever sounds inviting. If we can pamper ourselves in these small ways during the busy seasons of our lives and the year, we will be better prepared both to care for our loved ones and tackle our to-do lists.

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– Keeley Mezzancello, MS, RD, LDN, CHWC

Health Advisor, Registered Dietitian | Email Keeley

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