The 12-Minute Total-Body Challenge

May 20, 2022
Total Body Challenge|total-body-blast|total-body-blast

Are you ready to ramp up your workout routine with this total-body cardio blast?

Here’s how it works: You have 12 minutes total, no breaks.You will perform a total of just six exercises in two minute increments. You get to choose your option based on “at the gym” or “at home.” The objective is to simply perform each exercise at your fullest capacity (as many reps as possible or as far a distance you can travel).

Easy enough, right? Are. You. Ready? Let’s go!

At Home

  • 2 minutes: sprint as far as you can
  • 2 minutes: burpees (example)
  • 2 minutes: body squats (example)
  • 2 minutes: pushups (example)
  • 2 minutes: crunches (example)
  • 2minutes: sprint as far as you can

At The Gym

  • 2 minutes: row machine as far as you can go for distance
  • 2 minutes: box jump (example)
  • 2 minutes: kettlebell swing (example)
  • 2 minutes: medicine ball crunches (example)
  • 2 minutes: wall balls (example)
  • 2 minutes: row machine as far as you can go for distance

Let us know how you did! Try out this workout once or twice a week, along with your other exercise routines, to see how you improve week to week.

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– Casey Edmonds, CHC

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