The 365 Day Challenge

May 24, 2017

Are you ready for the 365 Day Challenge?

There are no start-up packages, no membership fees and the results are practically instantaneous. Even better, your satisfaction is guaranteed! After all, I rarely meet someone who wants to stop living healthy and go back to a life of yo-yo diets, starvation/binge cycles and emotional eating patterns. But, that doesn’t stop many of us from inadvertently believing that signing up in January for a popular short-term cleanse or diet promises a six-pack by March.If you haven’t heard of the 365 Day Challenge, it may be because it does not have much of a marketing budget. Your doctor may have suggested it, and you have probably read about it in success stories celebrating long-term weight loss and fitness results. Some diet programs on the market even indirectly promote it by recommending a healthy diet and exercise after you buy their products.If you’re considering using a popular weight-loss program to get a jump-start on weight loss, consider these factors before you plunk down your money.


The Chew Factor.

Have you ever finished a delicious, healthy, nourishing smoothie and then thought, “OK, now where’s my food?” I have! That’s because eating food does more than just nourish our bodies. There is a psychological effect of chewing food that helps us feel satiated and allows us to move on and do something else. I call it the Chew Factor. There are plenty of shake and smoothie recipes that offer balanced and complete nutrition, and they can be a huge advantage for someone who needs quick calories and enjoys smoothies. However, most powdered shakes are not part of that category.

Artificial and Potentially Dangerous Ingredients.

In recent years, our population has become more aware of the potential dangers of processed foods, resulting in calls for stricter regulation of the use of chemicals, genetically-modified ingredients and other food additives that are actually banned in other countries. Many people have begun adopting habits collectively referred to as “clean eating” which include reading ingredient lists before health claims and eating food that is easily identified as If you are interested in pursuing a clean eating lifestyle, the list of ingredients on product packaging will tell you much more about its health benefits than the website that sells it.

Lack of Long-Term Success.

There is a reason why many of the programs advertised in January promise results in a short amount of time. They are often so extreme that no one could sustain them for longer than a few weeks. While there may be initial weight loss as a result of reduced calories or laxatives, it often comes back as quickly as you return to the habits that made you feel like you needed a change in the first place. That’s why most success stories tell of sustainable weight loss over months and years, not days and weeks.Luckily, the 365 Day Challenge will be patiently waiting if that happens. I know that eating healthy food, getting regular exercise and balancing portions is not as exciting as losing three sizes in a month. And yes, it does take a bit more work and determination at first. But you have what it takes to go the distance. Just remember: you can’t spell “challenge” without “change.”We are also here to help! If you’re ready for support or want more information on the 365 Day Challenge, drop us an email or give us a call at 877-293-9355 ext. 0!


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