The Ancient Practice of Yoga

May 31, 2019
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Feeling anxious or depressed? Incorporate some yoga into your day!

In light of National Mental Health month, today's Fitness Friday spotlight is on the ancient practice of Yoga.This calisthenic-based workout is often thought of for its benefit to increasing flexibility as well as it’s strength-building component. But equally as boastful is yoga's incredible benefit to your mental health.

Yoga combines the focus on breath with meditation, movement and relaxation. This is a powerful combination for bolstering your mood, especially in today’s society of being overly connected and stimulated. Though many and most forms of exercise have stress-relieving benefits, there are a plethora of science-backed ways that yoga specifically may benefit your mental health, from improving anxiety and depression to concentration and even in the treatment of PTSD.RELATED: Yoga for Back PainYoga studios and classes are becoming increasingly prevalent around the country, but you can also practice in the comfort of your home if time or resources do not allow you to attend a live class and with very little to no equipment needed. There are plenty of free Yoga classes on YouTube and included in your TV listings, and even Peleton users can access video streamed yoga classes through their subscription fee.Need more accountability as you become a yogi? Our health advisors can support you as you take the next step in becoming your best self.Namaste.

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