The "Eating Healthier" Resolution

Jan 7, 2019
Healthy Eating
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Among the most popular New Year’s Resolutions from 2017 and 2018 are:Financial: save more moneyWeight loss: become more activeDietary: eat healthierSelf care: get more sleep, quit smoking, etcSelf development: Read more, pick up a new hobby, etc.In this month-long series, I will highlight a common resolution each week and offer tips based on my experience as a Certified Health Coach. Let’s begin with the weight loss resolution: eat healthier!

When I hear a client say, “I want to eat healthier,” my first follow up question is, “what does eating healthy look like to you?” Let’s face it, eating healthy can encompass a whole gamut of different patterns, habits and knowledge including portion control, proper caloric intake for goals, making healthier food choices, meal planning and so much more. Furthermore, it could be that improving your diet includes more than one of these challenges. So, I am going to break the resolution down by the top three common dietary obstacles and some tips to overcome them.

Calories for weight loss.

Knowledge, practice and accountability are the keys to overcoming caloric intake issues.

  • First you need to know how many calories you should take in in order to meet your weight management or weight loss goals. Learn more here.
  • Second, give yourself time to put things into practice. For weight loss, you should slowly decrease your caloric intake each week then do a weekly weigh-in to measure your loss. This is your learning curve to determine where you should be to lose 1-2 lbs a week safely for long term success.
  • Lastly, you need support and accountability on this slow and steady journey to a better version of yourself. Programs like Weight Watchers and LadyBoss Lean offer support through weigh- ins, health coaching and social media support. Good news for you! You have access to a certified Health Coach, Registered Dietician and more through Wellview Health.

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Portion control.

Knowledge, planning and willpower are the keys to overcoming portion control problems.

  • First, you need to find the appropriate portions that coincide with your daily caloric intake. One great way to do this is do a little research by taking a nutrition class, watch a video online or talk with a Registered Dietician. This takes some work, but once you figure out what it needs to look like, it is one of the easiest dietary habits to maintain.
  • Second, consider the tools that will help improve you be successful. Some people go as far as weighing their food, tracking calories or using portion size plates.
  • Lastly, proper portion sizes can be totally ruined if you cave to the portion-restraints by serving yourself or an open buffet type of event. Overcome this obstacle with willpower to stay in line with your portion sizes even if you are not always making the healthiest choices.

Healthy versus unhealthy choices.

Planning, routine and willpower will help you the most with this resolution.

  • First, you need a weekly plan. Having a plan of when, what and where you will be eating will set you up for success. This may require you to go as far as meal prepping over the weekend for the week, assigning meals each day including eat-out meal(s) and other appropriate strategies to help you know what to expect and how to respond.
  • Second, you need to develop a daily routine that supports your nutrition goals. Try eating at the same time each day and plan things around that time.
  • Lastly, you have to have willpower. Temptation lingers when you grocery shop on an empty stomach or drive by Chick-fil-A on your way home. Avoid temptation by taking a different way home, plan a cheat meal every Friday for dinner, or know what you are already planning to eat that day. The planning and routine pieces can help your willpower remain strong.

Never forget: give yourself grace. You are on a journey and occasional,y you have to course correct. You’ve got this!

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