The Grass is Greener

May 15, 2019
the grass is greener|the-grass-is-greener

The grass is not always

greener on the other side.

You've no doubt heard this saying, but did you know the concept of this Chinese proverb is said to actually date back to the poetry of Ovid (43 BC – 17 AD). Its meaning: someone who is not pleased with his or her own circumstances in life may assume that there are better things elsewhere. Understandably, this was a profound statement then, but perhaps even more so nowadays.

Let’s talk about WHY?

We all know that one friend, acquaintance or even celebrity that appears to have it all. The nice house. The perfect job. The perfect spouse. The best kids. The new car. The money to travel to exotic places. The ideal life. Right?


In the age of airbrushed photos fed by a constant stream of marketing, social media, magazines and the “news”, things can often come off as near perfect at times. Affectionately dubbed the Instagram Placebo, or #InstagramLife, individuals find that even the most aware can become sucked into believing a myth to be true. That myth is by comparison, others have a better life than them.But let’s be real. There is and never will be the perfect anything. Things appear that way because we let them.

WAIT...So you're telling me it's a mind game?

That’s exactly what I am saying! Truth be told, it is in fact you (or your mind) that tells you that things in your life are not good enough, making it easy to believe that others have it better. However, I have to point out that when contentment and effort are put into play, this essential mind game seems to disappear. When we choose to speak to ourselves positively about our lot in life, we begin to believe it and over time with effort, we begin to feel it. When we begin to feel things are true, we then use the innate gift that we have inside to re-hardwire our brains so that we may focus on the positive in order to cultivate greater contentment. With contentment, there is no room for negativity or comparisons. Instead there is merely room to bask in all that you do have. After all:

The grass is greener where you water it.

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