The Great Fitness Tracker Debate

Apr 15, 2016
Fitness Friday


Are you looking to buy a fitness tracker but feel lost as to which brand and model to get? If so, you are not alone! While it used to be as simple as buying a $5 pedometer that measured steps, the world of technology has hopped on the fitness train, and there are now well over 20 different types of fitness trackers available. So, how do you figure out which one is best for you?Today, we'll look at questions and common reasons as to why consumers decide to buy a tracker and hopefully, one or more of these will resonate with you as an area of importance.

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1) You want to increase your steps/activity throughout the day and decrease the amount of time you sit.2) You want to lose weight and have a visual reference for how many calories you burn with daily activity.3) You want some insight into your sleeping patterns because you wake up exhausted despite being in bed for 7-8 hours each night.4) You want to know that you are pushing yourself during your workout by monitoring your heartrate and making sure it is in the appropriate heart rate training zone.


Steps, heart rate, sleep, calories burned, price? You may also want to consider the look and feel of the device. Is it comfortable to wear and do you like the way it looks? Will you wear it? Do you want to be able to join a challenge group and see how active other members are being (e.g. Fitbit)? Do you want something that sinks with your phone or tablet wirelessly? These devices are not a "one size fits all" in that what is best for your friend, may not be the best one for you. Choose what fits your needs!

Source: PC Mag

Once you have thought about these questions and figured out what you want to get out of the device, what will make the most impact on your wellness journey, and give you the most consumer satisfaction, CLICK HERE to read a very comprehensive NY Times article that ranks its top 26 devices, based off of syncing capability, bells and whistles, and look. You can read the whole article or simply scroll to the device you are interested in and click on it to find out more, including where to get the best deal (a very important component) as these gadgets can get pricey! It seems that the Apple Watch and the Fitbit "Surge" are among the top two leading the polls, however, the Apple Watch starts at $349 while the Surge starts at $249).

Hopefully this article will provide some direction and clarity for you and if you are in the market for a tracker, congratulations on deciding to make an impact on your health and wellness!


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