The Healthy Holiday Checklist

Dec 23, 2019
Celebrate Healthy Strides

What you need to remember for the last holidays of 2019

The bright lights are mesmerizing as they hang on the tree as holiday music plays in the backdrop. The smells of pine, peppermint and hot cocoa linger in the distance as you chat and laugh with family and friends. The holiday season marks a very magical time of year.It’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and warmth of the holidays, which is why it's so important to remember a few helpful things to make the best of this time of year.


Giving “thanks” is not just for the Thanksgiving holiday. There are plenty of people celebrating the holidays without loved ones, perhaps even grieving a loss. There are plenty of people who are going without gifts, a meal or even a roof over their heads. There are plenty of people sitting in a hospital bed with a serious health concern without a cure. Count your blessings. Gratitude looks and feels good this holiday too.


Quality time in our lives may be far and few between. So avoid getting too wrapped up in the things to do, places to be and people to see that you don’t savor the little moments. Quick Tip: Observe your world using ALL of your senses, singularly and all together.


This season is often marked by the act of giving, and truth be told, giving can be way more fulfilling than receiving. You could give time, money, gifts, friendship, words of encouragement, etc. So think of something you have to give to another that could receive this time of year.

Relax, Recharge

The holidays keep us busy with more obligations and responsibilities than normal, don’t they? Relax. Recharge. The holidays are a temporary time of your life and you deserve a bit of time to re-up.


As the last holidays of 2019 wind down, it is the perfect opportunity to sit back and reflect on your year. What exciting things happened? What valuable lessons did you learn? What goals did you accomplish? What excites you about the new year coming? Soak that in.

Happy Holidays!

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