The "Self Growth" Resolution

Jan 16, 2019
Self Growth|self-growth

Among the most popular New Year’s Resolutions from 2017 and 2018 are:Financial: save more moneyWeight loss: become more activeDietary: eat healthierSelf care: get more sleep, quit smoking, etcSelf development: Read more, pick up a new hobby, etc.In this month long series, I will highlight a common resolution each week and offer tips based on my experience as a Certified Health Coach. Catch up on the previous installments:Part 1: FitnessPart 2: Eating HealthierSelf development is the process by which a person's character or abilities are gradually developed. Today, let’s take a look at the self growth and development resolution.

Know yourself

As “grown adults," we often get caught up in the daily grind and unintentionally lose touch with our passions. An easy way to reconnect with yourself is to do a quick cleanse. Take a day for you: nourish your body with healthy foods and some exercise; connect with your soul through alone time in nature as you get some fresh air and achieve peace in your heart and mind. While you're out there, maybe take a moment to write things down and set some goals for yourself.

Set some doable, but challenging goals

In case you didn’t see this part above, I’m highlighting it once more for you. Goals often give us direction by offering stepping stones that can lead to milestones in our personal development. Perhaps you want to learn to play an instrument or be able to apply for a promotion at work. More often than not, you know what steps you have to take to get there. So just break it down by some weekly or monthly goals.

Focus on the positive

Development or growth can occur in the hard times (i.e. success doesn’t happen without failure). So what if you didn't meet your goal the way you needed or wanted to? Look at how far you have come and what you have learned so far. Stay focused because you will do it!

Know your worth

I say this to my clients all the time: "misery loves company." If you choose to join misery, then you are the one who suffers. If you choose to follow your heart's desire, then you are the one who can elate in you hard work and success. There will always be temptation and pressure from the world around you. It is up to you to remind yourself that you are worth putting in this energy for personal growth. So have a saying, picture or symbol that you can keep on hand for your times of doubt as a reminder that you will reap what you sow.

Accountability and support

It takes a village to raise a child, and in this case, you may be the child. Start formulating the right types of support and accountability that you need. This can be people, places and things. So if you desire to learn piano, then you may need some help. This can be your spouse to watch the kids while you go for your piano lessons, a regular appointment time with your teacher, or your at-home piano for practice. Find your key ingredients in order to keep the momentum going.

Expect obstacles

Obstacles should always be expected. Your teacher is sick, your wife has to work late and cannot watch the kids, your piano breaks, etc. Things happen because, well...that's life. Give yourself some grace as you get things back in order and on track. Keep in mind a plan A, B and C can never hurt.Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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