The Summer Outdoor Series

Jun 17, 2016

Take your workout outside!

The summer sun is shining through your work window, beckoning you to come play outside. So, don’t be afraid to do just that. Better yet, take advantage of the warm weather while meeting your daily goal of exercise. No matter whether you usually workout morning, night, weekend or weekday, summer is the best time to switch up the activities and enjoy the sun-rays.


Here are a few ideas to get you moving and outdoors during the summer.

Stay afloat with some swimming

Swimming can be a great low-impact, cardio exercise that can also help you tone those pesky arms, abs, and legs. Try swimming laps in an outdoor pool using different techniques like the breaststroke, crawl, butterfly, or back stroke. You can even give your gym’s water aerobics class a try.

Adopt a water sport

Though swimming can be an easier go-to, try something more adventurous like paddle boarding on the lake, kayaking up river, or sailing the seas. This can be a great weekend activity with the family or some friends and will most certainly deliver a killer total-body workout. Plus, the change of scenery can be rather nice.

Take a Hike

Speaking of a change in scenery, strap on the backpack and tie up your boots --- its time to take a hike. Take a look at national or state parks in your area in order to pick out your next calorie-burning adventure. To make it an intense workout, choose a hike with distance and vigorous terrain. PS: make sure to pack the water![caption id="attachment_937" align="alignnone" width="801"]

small family on a path

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Play ball

There’s nothing like the good ole days playing ball with some friends. Well who said those good ole days can’t last? Call up your friends or join a sports league in which your favorite sport not only makes exercising fun but you can soak in the summer sun.

Go for an evening jog

Being stuck on a treadmill in the gym on a nice, sunny day can seem boring and tedious. Grab your ear buds and head out the door for an after-work run (or walk). Jogging outside on various terrains while facing different inclines and declines will make your body work harder, improving your endurance and balance.

Start your day with yoga

Stretching and breathing techniques can offer clarity at the beginning of a stressful day; but taking your yoga practice outdoors has great benefits. Listening to the birds chirping, seeing the trees sway in the wind, and feeling the warm sun on your skin can improve your mood and help your mind begin the day on a positive note.

Bike everywhere you go

Everyone is on-the-go nowadays, but cars are not the only means of transportation. Biking can be a great cardio and toning workout and can easily fit into your schedule. Try biking to work or even bring your bike with you so you can bike around town while running some errands on your lunch break.

Get creative with your outdoor workout while enjoying the summer sun!


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