The True Meaning of Valentine’s Day

Feb 8, 2017

Did you know that Valentine’s Day (February 14th), the holiday that most define as the day of romance and love is actually centuries old? For decades now it has become custom for many Americans to celebrate the holiday by buying and giving gifts like flowers, candies, and cards. However, as we learn from the History Channel, this special day has in fact evolved into a day in which we now celebrate those special one(s) in our lives. Honoring those individuals that make our lives more fulfilling and joyous can be tricky though. Staring down the red and pink colored aisles in the store, we try to choose between cutesy items. The stuffed teddy-bear. A dozen red roses. The funny card. The thoughtful card. Sparkly jewelry. Delicious chocolates. Yikes! So I thought it would be nice to brainstorm some ideas that would help us all stay away from those brightly colored aisles at the store and come up with some unique ways to appeal to your partner's  language of love.


Surprise Your Babe with a Thoughtful Gift

Now I will be the first to admit, as a woman, I do appreciate some fresh flowers and sparkly earrings, but that is not all I like. I love to hike, cook, garden, write, exercise and listen to music. We all like different things. So this year, think about something that your significant other would truly enjoy. Whether its some new workout clothes, watermelon seeds for the garden or concert tickets to a band you both enjoy, try to give a gift from your heart.

Cook for Your Honey

Um...HELLO! Who doesn’t have a favorite meal? Well I do! Pecan encrusted salmon with a fresh salad and homemade honey-lime dressing. YUM! Undoubtedly, the saying that “food is the way to a man’s heart” can also apply to us ladies. Think it through a bit here. What is her favorite dinner? What does he order when you eat out? You can never go wrong with doing this little act of love!


Give your Love Some Time

With today's mess of go-go-go on a daily basis, our time is spread so thin. Whether you are snuggled next to your honey watching a good show on TV, or going out to grab a bite to eat, intentionally making time to be with that one person can make him or her feel the romance. So get a sitter for the kids, go by the red-box to grab a movie or make a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Making time is a definite way to show you care!

Kiss and Hug Your Sweetie

Physical touch and affection is a gateway to intimacy and romance in a relationship. By starting and ending your day with a kiss and a hug, you are able to deepen and further confirm the connection that you both uniquely share. Starting the day with such affection may not mean much to some, but to that special person it may mean the world! XO. XO.

Affirm Your Boo

Sometimes it is hard to show someone how much you really care, so putting it into words can be a meaningful way to affirm your special one. Cards have long since been a way to express your love, but challenge yourself a bit here. Consider keeping a scrapbook of special  moments you have shared, writing a letter or making a CD of romantic songs that translate your relationship. Words are powerful, so use them!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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