Think Outside the Box

May 2, 2018
think outside the box|think outside the box|think outside the box

Get Ready to Think Outside the Box.

In a PERFECT world, you and I would NEVER be inside a box because we wouldn’t navigate our lives out of fear, uncertainty or discomfort. But this world, like us, is imperfectly perfect, and sometimes, we live within the comfort zone that we have created, i.e. “the box.” Thinking outside of the box is so important as it allows you to embrace new opportunities, experience self growth and awareness and learn new things. But be strategic as you step outside of your box. Even U.S. Olympians and Navy SEALs rely on baby-steps to achieve their huge goals and step out of their comfort zones. That’s because Harvard research suggests that breaking down your goals into tiny, daily steps is the easiest way to reach those huge successes.So try this simple exercise to begin strategizing your step-by-step process outside of your box in order to embrace new, positive changes in your behaviors and life.

STEP 1Begin by drawing a cube or closed box. You are a dimensional being, so try your best to make your box 3-D, if artistically possible of course. Label this box by putting a giant postage stamp on its visible side saying “To: INSERT TITLE OF THIS CHAPTER OF YOUR LIFE”For example: Your title could be “To: A Stress Free Life”or “To: Healthier Eating” or “To: The Year of Self Care” or “To: The Journey of Peace Within”STEP 2Inside your box, draw (or describe in a word or phrase) at least three actions you took in the last week or two to grow into the person you want to be. These can be big actions, small actions or somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter. Do not judge yourself on the steps you have taken thus far.For example: You can use your creative juices here and instead of writing “I went for a 2-mile jog Monday evening,” you could draw a person running and wearing a shirt that says “Monday.” Instead of writing “I meal prepped my lunches for Mon-Thur on Sunday evening” you could draw four apples labeled Mon-Thur. Think outside of the box a bit and get creative but make sure you are still drawing inside your box. STEP 3:Now open your box. Let in a little sunlight and fresh air that you need to flourish and survive. Breathe and soak it in! Let it nourish you. Now begin to stretch your arms and think outside of the box in order to bring some more movement into your actions…(this is all figurative of course). Ask yourself, “What can I do to stretch and grow into the direction I desire to be bigger picture(i.e. a year from now)?” "What is possible that I am willing to try?” “What needs to change in order for me to be who I want to be?” Keep in mind “What can I do?" is different than “What am I willing to do?” So your answer may be a full action of doing, but it doesn’t have to be. You could be learning something in order to prepare for the behavior you desire, you could be thinking and planning of when and how you might do your desired habit, etc. Meet yourself where you are and keep in mind that knowledge is the key to success so if you are not READY to do something yet, begin by putting the right tools in your tool box first. For example: It may not behoove you to say that you are presently running once a week for thirty minutes but next week you are going to run five times a week. Understand your barriers and limitations, know your support system, hold onto your values...keep it real. Instead say, I am running once a week now so next week I am going to aim for 2-3 times a week. STEP 4:Now lets narrow in and make what is outside of your box into a SMART goal. You may have one to three goals. Often times our goals overlap which is totally okay; however, I do not recommend having more than three goals at a time. Once you have accomplished a goal 100%, you can pick up a new one or modify it to better meet you where you are and where you want to go.This exercise is meant to get you thinking more about what you want and how to work toward that goal. Nonetheless, knowing how to get somewhere and where it is that you really want to go can get confusing. That’s why you have the support of Wellview Health on your side. Contact our concierge team to schedule an appointment with me or one of our other Health Advisors at Let’s get you outside of the box!Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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