Tips from a Health-Conscious Person

Jun 7, 2019

Seven Tips from a Health-Conscious Person: Physical Activity

Plan exercise times in advance.

Usually I know my work schedule about a week advance. This allows me to schedule my exercise time each day in my calendar.

Log your exercise.

Some people like to have a more formal format for tracking workouts like an exercise journal or fitness app. I however, simply put my workouts in my notes on my phone. This allows me to know what type of workout and what exercises I will do that day.

Aim for variety.

Most of us have a preferred type of exercise but variety is key to avoiding a plateau or an injury and achieving a well-balanced fitness regimen. This may mean finding different types of workouts like running, biking, walking, dancing, stretching, swimming, hiking, etc. Or it may mean trying new exercises in your normal routine that challenge you and train different parts of your body in different ways.

Always have a backup plan.

I accept that life happens. Knowing this arms me with the advanced knowledge that it will benefit my personal fitness goals to have a Plan A and Plan B. For example, when I travel for work, my normal workout schedule when I home does not work for various reasons. So my backup plan is normally to wake up earlier and go for a run or a brisk walk in the evenings.

Believe in rest days.

Our bodies, much like our cars, need a little maintenance from time to time. The best way to serve our bodies is by practicing times of rest and active rest. My favorite rest day is lying by the pool on a summer day while snacking on some watermelon and fresh cucumber water. Ahhh!

Practice preventive measures.

For anyone practicing a consistent and/or vigorous exercise regimen, this is a must! A few ways to ensure I keep my body well is massages, aromatherapy and warm baths from time to time. Other popular ways to keep the body well and in working order is assisted stretching, dry needling, Yin yoga, ice baths, foam rolling and so on.

Keep learning.

I say this a lot: as humans, we are creatures of habit. This is precisely why I am constantly having to remind myself to keep getting fresh ideas and learn new ways of trying exercises. From social media platforms to going to a new group exercise class to exercise DVDs, I am constantly looking out for new things to try! Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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