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Jun 10, 2019
Healthy Eating
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Seven Tips from a Health-Conscious Person: Nutrition

Plan Ahead.

Whether you have a special occasion coming up, a work function or some travel time, knowing what’s ahead can help you know your options. I know when I'm at home, I am consistent with my healthy eating, so it’s okay if I splurge a little sometimes.

Meal Prep.

Usually on Sunday or Monday, I take a little extra time to meal prep one or two meals for the week. Sometimes this means throwing together a Super Bowl of fresh veggies and fruits topped with nuts and seeds. Other times this means a stir fry of rice, beans and veggies that fit perfectly in my Tupperware for a quick re-heatable lunch or dinner.

Anticipate Obstacles.

My obstacles typically arise when I have a packed day or I’m traveling. Knowing that things can throw a wrench in my game plan can help me prepare to have a back up plan. I always keep snacks in my bag that can serve as a meal replacement such as fruit, nuts, bars, hummus, cheese sticks, veggies and protein powder. I will not be tempted to pull over for fast food ever!

Variety is Key.

I am constantly seeking new healthy meal ideas that meet my vegetarian lifestyle. I swear by the Zipongo app and yes, Pinterest. In fact, I cannot wait to try these buffalo cauliflower wraps this evening.

Moderation is Key.

I love the 80/20 rule and aim to live by it daily. Most of the time I put foods in my body that I am proud of like fresh veggies, nuts, seeds, egg whites, fruits, water, etc. A smaller percentage of the time I add the cheese, eat the dressing, make the pizza or order the dessert without guilt.Related: Healthy Eating 101

Avoid Temptation.

With the 80/20 rule in mind, foods or beverages that tempt me are not kept in my home or near me at any given time for the very reason that I know that it will tempt me. So whatever your weakness, simply don’t buy it unless it is in a single portion size or can be eaten as a guilt-free pleasure.

Track for Accountability.

Though I work in the health industry, I am a total foodie. If it’s fried, I want it. If it’s cheesy I crave it. If it’s juicy, I must have it! Tracking makes me become conscious about my food choices and how they affect my personal health goals. Read more here. Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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