Trampoline Exercise

Jul 28, 2017
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Jump for Joy!

Do you have access to a trampoline? Jumping on a trampoline can be an effective all-over workout that is easy on the joints. It’s also aerobic, burning about 130 calories per half hour for a 150 pound adult. A 2012 NASA study found that rebound jumping (such as on a trampoline) was more effective than running on a treadmill to boost muscle, bone and connective tissue. Slight, easy bouncing can help keep legs strong, increase range of motion in the shoulders and help strengthen your lower back- as your use your core to stay balanced.Two jumping tips: always have a slight bend in your knees and keep elbows at your sides. Also, don’t look down when you jump, keep your gaze toward the horizon to anchor your center of gravity.

trampoline exercise

There are myriad health benefits to jumping on a trampoline. But there are also risks. Always adhere to safety protocol while jumping on an outdoor or small indoor trampoline (rebounder). When it comes to children and trampolines, make extra sure kids are supervised. The Mayo Clinic recommends no children under six years old on a trampoline. They also recommend ground-level trampolines as opposed to above ground (because of the shorter falling distance). Safety nets and pads are also strongly recommended.If jumping does not appeal to you, remember all those movements you do throughout the day matter. Whether it’s taking the stairs, doing laundry, walking to your car in the parking lot or dancing in the kitchen, your movement matters. So most importantly, find something you enjoy doing!

Do what you can and give yourself credit for taking care of your body. After all, it’s got to last you a long time.

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– Kelley Colihan Robertson, E-RYT

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