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Sep 2, 2016

HIIT The Ground Running

It's nothing new. Schedules are one of the main reasons why adults don’t exercise. However, new research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests that high intensity interval training (HIIT) can be a time saving alternative to endurance training. An HIIT workout means doing a number of short bursts of intense exercises with short recovery breaks in between. The biggest benefit of doing HIIT workouts is time saved. But they're also a safe alternative to traditional types of long term exercise. Research studies done at Canada’s McMaster University indicate that HIIT stimulates many of the same cellular pathways that are responsible for endurance training benefits. Even further, these studies have show an increased skeletal muscle oxidative capacity (how efficiently muscles use oxygen). So, “no time to exercise” is not an excuse now that HIIT can be tailored for people of all ages and fitness levels.


I have designed a full-body HIIT workout targeted at advanced fitness levels. The exercises are challenging and trigger multiple muscle groups. Give yourself 5 seconds to transition to the next exercise (I use a timer interval app I’ve downloaded on my phone). No matter who you are, one of the most important parts of establishing an exercise routine is finding something enjoyable and maintainable. I hope this one works for you! Photo: Heath Miller

Full-Body HIIT Workout

1.) 30 Second Box Jumps2.) 30 Second Kettle-bell Swings3.) 30 Second Clean/Jerk Presses (Dumbbells)4.) 30 Second Burpees5.) 30 Second Dips45 Second Break Repeat 3 X1.) 30 Second Mountain Climbers2.) 30 Second Squat Plyo Jumps3.) 30 Second Flutter Kicks4.) 30 Second Push-Ups5.) 30 Second Lunge with Bicep Curl30 Second Break Repeat 3 X

HIIT the ground running this weekend!

– Nathan Mikeska, BS, CPT, CHC

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