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Feb 26, 2021
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Missing the gym? Lots of us are certainly missing that health routine of getting out of the house and getting in a workout. And while it's tough to replace the communal aspect of the gym, it's not as hard to replace the actual workout part. You just need to get it virtually. As a Personal Trainer (PT), it is more important than ever that I meet my clients exactly where they are in his or her fitness journey. This could mean workout planning, accountability, goal setting, and/or fresh exercise ideas.

So how do you get that virtually?

Well, truth be told, the process of a virtual personal trainer is without a doubt extremely dependent on client preferences, access, goals, fitness level, and so forth. So, there is no one size fits all program. Upon an initial assessment, each client, along with his or her Personal Trainer, makes a decision around the best approach for exercise and fitness goals. In addition to weekly or monthly check-ins for accountability, expert advice, planning, and fine-tuning,  you have the option between online video resources or personalized step by step workout plans.

How About Videos?

Videos often appeal to those seeking a killer workout at home, on vacations, or during work travel. Though there are a few excellent payable options, your PT is well versed in researching your best options for any budget. Aside from being the perfect anywhere and anytime kind-of workout tool, videos also offer workouts for all fitness levels, a visual tool for your workout, a steady pace to ensure desired results, and various forms of exercise. Many who enjoy fitness classes also enjoy videos as a workout option!

And Customized Plans?

Conversely, a customized, structured workout plan is great for those looking for specific training tips for sports training, specific workout equipment, regimented strength training, 5k to marathon training, rehabilitation, cross-training ideas, and so on. A customized plan requires a commitment to following the plan as directed thus, this option is great for independent exercisers who are self-motivated to get in a good workout! Some of you who seek PT assistance may want both options in your toolbox depending on the day and time. AND THAT IS PERFECTLY OKAY, too!

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