We Celebrate Mental Health

Aug 29, 2022

Wellview specializes in individualized consumer care by offering whole health services from experts like Health Advisers, Personal Trainers, Registered Dietitians, Financial Coaches, Diabetes Educators, and Mental Health Specialists. When it comes to the current mental health epidemic, nearly 50 million American adults were diagnosed with a mental health illness in 2019, with 24.78% having an unmet need for therapeutic and medical treatment. Since the pandemic, this number is noticeably increasing for youth and adults alike, particularly suicidal ideation which is up 4.58% this year alone. 

Part of the solution response to such alarming statistics is implementation of the 988 suicide hotline. However, that leaves out so many others who are suffering from depression (or sad feelings), anxiety, eating disorder, anger, grief, prolonged stress, etc. with less and less support, as the demand for mental health experts increases. 

That is why we at Wellview prioritize mental health. Even minor mental health concerns can cause physiological imbalances in the body like heartburn, weight gain, weight loss, adrenal fatigue, increased blood pressure or even diabetes. Wellview recognizes that no one person’s story is the same, and that is why our Mental Health Specialists provide support where you need it. 

Seeking assistance for any mental health issues is not always easy. Depending on your cultural or religious background, it can be viewed as a weakness to seek support, especially for mental health. Moreover, people who have had previous mental health services elsewhere may not want to seek mental health services again because their previous experiences with mental health were not helpful. Others may have little awareness or minimize mental wellbeing, but we do not. In order to lead a happy, fulfilling life, support is essential. That is why, together with you, Wellview seeks to break the barriers in such stigmas and help you begin a life of thriving. 

So today we want to celebrate a story near and dear to us about someone just like YOU. 

My health journey has not been an easy one. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for about 11 years now. I remember being a freshman in high school feeling unlike myself, worried, and anxious. I went through a period of about three to four years, anxiety-free, or so I thought. Life was just too busy, and I didn’t have time to think or feel depressed or anxious.
On April 20th, 2022, during my onsite meeting with my Wellview Health Adviser I had a panic attack. At that time, they were very frequent–three to four times a week. My body was filled with depression, sadness, panic, and anxiety. She referred me to a Wellview Mental Health Specialist and assured me with the years of experience the therapist had, I was in good hands.
This wasn’t my first time meeting with a Mental Health Specialist. I never connected with my previous therapist, and it left me feeling helpless. The helplessness I felt during that meeting with my Health Adviser was 100x more. With some reassurance from her, I thought to myself, “What do I have to lose?”
April 27th, 2022 was my first meeting with my new therapist. From the moment we spoke for the first time, I felt comfortable. I was holding onto feelings for years. I couldn’t see myself in the mirror; I noticed I never did. Our sessions have been filled with raw and true emotions, and lots of tears. Finally, I was safe and ready to unpack those emotions/feelings that I held onto for so long.
I was lost; I lost myself and who I was. Session after session, the tears became smiles.The panic attacks were less frequent, my life became more vibrant, and as my Wellview therapist always says, I started “thriving and not just surviving.” I never knew what it felt like to have someone by my side, cheering me on. The support system that I have is incredible. Here I am just four months into my journey, feeling great.
Now, it has not been easy; I was in a deep dark place, lost with no path out. A cloud of sadness was constantly over me, it's not always rainbows and sunshine now, but the sun is definitely beaming through the clouds.
With the encouragement and education from my therapist, Yajaira, I agreed to an interdisciplinary approach where medication and therapy has helped with my depression and anxiety. I am eating healthy and working out four to five times a week to give my mind and body what it needs. My confidence and self-worth is in a better place. 
I want to extend a huge thank you to my therapist for being the beam of light I needed in my darkest days. For showing me and teaching me healthy ways to cope and heal, understanding and validating my Hispanic culture, but most importantly being a strong woman and a role model. Thank you to the Wellview team for being a huge support system for me.
Thank you,

Today, we celebrate this second chance story filled with vulnerability, vitality, and resilience. Stories just like this inspire others to take proactive action without hesitation!

Are you inspired by this story too? Join others like YOU as you align with your life of thriving today!

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