Brand New Look | Our Rebrand Announcement

Sep 9, 2020

Same great company.
Brand new look.

This morning we officially launched the new Wellview identity — championed by a new logo, website, and product experience. 

For nearly a decade we’ve been leading the digital health engagement industry in technology and user experience. As our space has evolved, we have too — and we thought it was time to take a fresh look at our brand. 

It was critical to us that our brand legacy, the trust we have built with our participants and partners remained, and it was equally as important that we take a giant leap into the future we’re creating.

Our rebrand reflects our promise.

Wellview’s mission is to simplify health by inspiring, empowering, and impacting lives. We live out this promise through The Wellview Way, which consists of four core values:

  • Start with Why
  • Build Trust Through Transparency
  • Challenge the Status Quo Through Innovation
  • Own the Extra Miles
Our brand refresh needed to answer “yes” to three very important questions:
  1. Does it inspire?
  2. Does it support empowerment?
  3. Does it signal impact?

Starting with Why.

Our choice to refresh our brand goes beyond a new logo or cool new features. 

What started as a simple website update resulted in a deep exploration into our brand ethos. We concluded that we weren’t the same company we were at founding, and we were inspired to evolve. Yes, it was a little scary, but we were ready to grow and mature the Wellview brand to match the maturity of our product.

The market has rapidly adopted digital health as “the norm,” and we are here to answer with a technology-forward look and feel that is powered by human connection. It was time to visibly showcase how different Wellview is from other well-care brands in the space.

Wellview is so much more than just physical health.

We go beyond “health” and intentionally design total well-care. So, we’ve dropped the word “health” from our name. And it feels great. 

Over the years Wellview has grown to offer evidence-based solutions for end-to-end care: mental, financial, emotional, social, vocational, spiritual, environmental, and physical.

We are real people who are experts in real people.

We earn trust by listening, supporting, teaching, advocating, and healing. We use technology to empower connections, not replace conversations. We believe in the importance of understanding an individual beyond their risk levels and lab values. We connect them to custom health resources based on their priorities, which drives engagement and satisfaction and really, really, fantastic results.

Our logo has new meaning.

Our new logo represents the well-care journey.

The “w” in Wellview is gently curved, like a path — with twists and turns, ups and downs. Nothing means more to us than supporting our participants with the right tools, at the time when they are needed most. We are so much more than just a “healthcare” brand — we are a life care brand.

The green leaf in our logo represents the new growth, life, and vitality of our participant experience. While the navy blue communicates strength, maturity, and resolve. We chose lowercase, custom-designed lettering that looks soft and flexible to communicate approachability, agility, and our individually-designed care approach for each participant.

The Application.

We used this rebrand as a catalyst to think smart about how the user’s digital experience has evolved and incorporate those learnings and best practices into everything from our website to our product interface. The mobile site is a tremendous upgrade in the Wellview digital experience as portal visits and video sessions through a mobile device continue to increase. 

We are in the process of completely updating our website, marketing materials, product experience, and more. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We hope you see our passion and our commitment to inspiring, empowering, and impacting.

Best in health,

The Wellview Team

We’re changing the way people engage with healthcare.

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