When You've "Tried Everything!"

Jun 30, 2021
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I’ve Tried Everything!

“I’ve tried everything!” I hear this often in my work as a Health Advisor and not only in the area of trying to lose weight, but I will focus my attention on that area for now. Some people feel like they literally have tried everything. Everything? Really? Ev-ery-thing? I doubt it. There is an abundance of “things” to try when it comes to weight loss. Much of it works for decreasing scale numbers, but more often than no, it can increase health issues and decrease your body’s own ability to correct itself, if given a real chance. And no matter how much weight you lose, you will likely gain it back unless what you do to lose it is something you can do for the rest of your life.

Don’t Eat C.R.A.P.

Your body loves routine, and it does not love change. It loves keeping you alive, and it does not love anything that may have other ideas. Your body is super smart. No matter how much we try to “kill” it with all the C.R.A.P. (Carbonated. Refined. Artificial. Processed.) we eat, it will desperately try to use it somewhere somehow, even if it decides to “store” it for “later” use. Which is one reason that we gain weight. Your body is making decisions and it is using the input you give it to do this.

So, you are struggling to get the physical health and wellness results you long for and feel like you’ve tried everything: fitness class, dance, yoga, gym memberships, expensive bikes, and programs. You’ve read books, listened to speakers, eaten low-fat, or low-carb, or high fat, high protein, gluten-free, pre-packaged foods, or no foods! You’ve popped pills, purchased prescriptions, placed patches, poured potions, and purchased programs! You’ve supplemented, smoothied, sauna’ed, steamed, swam, and sweat. Your coworkers or friends eat vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, Whole 30, Keto, and Paleo. You hear about diets: DASH, Mediterranean, MIND (which is a combination of the DASH and Mediterranean), Nordic (locally-sourced foods), and Okinawan. They've tried fasting, intermittent fasting, and alternate-day fasting. They may even be proponents of the “See Food” diet. They see food and they eat it.

Yet here you are, still searching and still struggling. Nothing seems to work, and you’re more frustrated, burnt out, and disheartened than you’ve ever been! Well, you are not alone, and before you go under the knife, there may be something that is so simple, so inexpensive, and so basic that it couldn’t possibly work, but it does.

By the time most people decide to spend the time and money on themselves for health coaching, they have spent thousands on these other “things” and very little of it (really) on themselves. And to make matters even worse, they have nothing to show for all of the money, time, and often abuse they have put their bodies and bank accounts through!They are less healthy and less satisfied with life; more stressed out, more depressed, and more overwhelmed physically, emotionally, and mentally than when they began their pursuit.

We live in a world with tons and tons of ideas about weight loss, health “information”, and wellness products. The problem is: we do not lack ideas, information, or products. What we lack is a belief in lifestyle-change mentors, collaborative partnerships, and supportive behavior modification specialists like me, my fellow Healthy Advisors, and the entire Care Team!

Work With a Health Advisor

Working with us works for you because we work for you! I may sound pretty confident, and that is because I am. We coach the whole person! We keep your physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, intellectual, occupational, and spiritual needs in mind. You are more than a number on a scale or a biometric test. You are not one-dimensional. You are multifaceted. And if you don’t mind my saying, you are complicated!You are unique and we know that. We listen. We seek your highest good. We believe in you. We serve you. We care. Our services are simple, inexpensive, basic, and powerful.Schedule an appointment and begin to build your personal partnership with a knowledgeable, experienced, qualified, and Board-Certified Health Advisor. Skip the diet; just eat real food. The “diet” that works is the real food diet. You are what you eat, so don’t be cheap, easy, or fake. Cut the C.R.A.P. out of your life. Just move! There are plenty of things that you can do to invest in your physical fitness; do them.

Try this! Because if you haven’t tried this then you can’t say, “I’ve tried everything!”

Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!

– Stephanie Wolfe, NBC-HWC

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